Self Leadership.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 20 Mar 2022


There is something we call self-leadership and that's when you take responsibility for your actions and try to lead yourself by learning from others and situations around you. It's okay to have people lead and direct you but there is little that can be forced upon you if you won't take the steps to walk by yourself.

A lot of people won't take responsibility for their actions nor will they understand that the outcome of everything that happens in their lives depends on them; the action or the inactions - depending on the course of action. Self-leadership is the ability to lead yourself towards your set goals. Motivation from the outside would be useless if you lacked the will from the inside. A lot of people focus on the outside while giving little regard for who they are on the inside. I've built myself to the point that what anyone thinks of me doesn't matter as long as I know it's not a flaw. If it's a flaw I need to address, why not but if it's based on what anyone thinks, I am not moved because I am responsible for what I said and not how you interpret it.

To fully develop ourselves we need to understand our purpose in this world. I've said it before and I would say it again that most of the problems we have in this world are a result of most of our parents who allowed us to grow into a system where they want us to fit in rather than stand out. For some of us, it's already late to go back and make certain changes so we have to make the most of what we have. It's a terrible culture to ask children what they want to become in life because I would rather have them being asked, "What problem do you want to solve in the world?".

This brings a lot into perspective because it shifts their thoughts from fitting in into standing out. They focus on which problem and they are tailored in that line. Someone once said that if you are seeing a problem that no one else is seeing, that means you are the one to bring about the solution to that problem, either directly or indirectly. A lot of people don't understand the purpose they are to serve in the world because all their lives they have been restricted to thinking they are slotted into the system and this has killed a lot of creative minds.

We can't go back to make a brand new start but we can continue from where we are to make a happy ending. I am jeered towards giving hope to those who still have the chance because I was denied the chance to follow what I wanted. I don't want others to fall into the same bracket so I am committed to giving basic education to everyone but each person would determine what they want to do with their lives afterwards and then be equipped into doing that.

Discovering your purpose in life is a process and it's a journey of discovery as well. You won't have everything figured out all of a sudden. You won't have all the things you wanted at a go but you have to take note of the clues as you go through life. Most of us don't understand that our purpose in life is to fix the things we have been denied. Most people would rather take up the pity approach so the whole world can take notice of them and show them pity but nothing concrete ever grows on such a ground because no one would ever take you seriously or help you enough to stand on your own and even if they tried to, your brain would always assume the pity approach and you would become comfortable as you will allow that opportunity to pass by.

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