Self Leadership, II.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 20 Mar 2022


Our purpose is in the things we have been denied. This is why I respect parents who didn't have the opportunity for education and yet they stake their lives on the line to make their children have the best of it. Your purpose is tied to your experience in life...what you have gone through, seek to it that some people with similar experience won't need to go through that again.

As you are seeking a purpose for your life and taking note of the clues, learn to understand yourself. Understand your temperament and be true to yourself. You need to honestly analyze yourself and know what works for you so you can know what to avoid and the things to do away with. As you strive for self-leadership, never forget about self-awareness.

Self-awareness brings about self-regulation where you understand yourself and then discipline yourself on certain things. Even the mighty can crumble without self-control or discipline. You need to know when to engage and when to withdraw. You need to know the difference between giving up and letting go, persistence and when to give up as well. Self-regulation means you can control your desires and emotions so they won't get the better of you. When a defining moment comes, you had better define that moment or else the moment would define you. A self-regulated life is pruned and being pruned adds more colour to your life.

No one can motivate you as you would motivate yourself. We need to drive ourselves and then have a purpose to live for. What are you doing? What do you want to do? What steps are you taking towards the things you want to do or currently doing? There is no need to compare yourself with others because your race is different from mine. You can copy the things I am doing but you won't have the staying power to continue for long because it was never your dream in the first place. Learn to find your niche and build on it.

When others find their niche they give up easily. The moment they hit a snag they think it's not for them. There is no smooth path and you have to learn how to weather the storm. This is why understanding who you are is important and knowing what purpose you are made for as it gives you the staying power to continue because you won't need any external motivation but the one from inside.

Mistakes are bound to happen and you have to learn from them. A bus stop is not an end stop just like a speed bump is not to stop you permanently but temporarily. We need to keep moving forward and stop living in the past. It's okay to take time to recharge and refire when we feel overwhelmed and tired but it doesn't mean we have to let that dream die but rather for us to re-evaluate the things we have done right and done wrong and then make informed decisions going forward. Take a break if you have to. Rest when you are tired but don't quit.

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