Schooled Chelsea.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 5 Apr 2022


I didn't see this game coming even though I believed that Brentford will pose a lot of threat to Chelsea and I've said many times that Chelsea haven't been convincing with most of their wins but this defeat against Brentford says a lot. I know they are no longer gunning for the title but that's not an excuse for the defeat and made them look like an average team with individual mistakes being the bane of it.

Chelsea lost in an emphatic fashion after losing by 4 goals to 1 at Stamford Bridge. Rudiger got the ball rolling for Chelsea after he scored a screamer...a scorcher but Brentford soon turned the game around, thanks to a double from Janelt and a goal apiece from Christian Eriksen and Wissa.

One of the best decisions Brentford made during the transfer window was to sign Christian Eriksen. He injected life to a bubbly Brentford side that has overachieved in my opinion, this season. They overrun Chelsea and schooled Chelsea which wouldn't be the sight that Chelsea fans want to see especially at this stage of the season. Everyone wants to finish strong, finish high up the table and get as many points as they can but it wasn't meant to be for Chelsea against a determined Brentford side.

Christian Eriksen made the difference at all times for Brentford. A lot of people would have questioned his move to Brentford after his contract with Inter Milan was terminated. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement because Brentford gave him the opportunity to play professionally again after the World Cup scare he gave with his heart giving way.

Brentford benefitted as well with his performances since he has been bought. The international break did Eriksen a lot of good as he scored twice for Denmark and now he continued from where he stopped after beating Mendy from close range. I am sure it meant a lot to him as it did when he was on International duty. He is a massive addition to Brentford and the understanding he have of the Premier League when he was at Tottenham Hotspur played a massive part in how well he adapted with Brentford.

I don't know how it went wrong for Chelsea but they weren't running enough, they were easily caught at the back with Brentford literally strolling into their box while picking out pockets of spaces here and thereby beating their offside trap. It was a bad day in the office for Thomas Tuchel but if anyone knows how to bounce back, it's him. No doubt, it's a defeat I didn't see coming but no one can take anything away from Brentford for this victory. It was totally earned and deserved.

Chelsea would need to work on their defensive line because they were caught out too many times. I don't know what Tuchel wants to do with Lukaku or Timo Werner but there is no doubt, they need a reliable center forward that can deliver the goods for them.

It looks as though Thomas Tuchel doesn't fancy Romelu Lukaku as much again but he is still a decent striker and let's see what his tactics or plans would be. Maybe he is trying to challenge the inner beast of Lukaku or simply not interested in him anymore. It's too early to tell and speculations would always be in the air. We have to wait and see how it plays out.

Chelsea are being faced with so many issues all at once - with the governmental influence and ban on Chelsea, transfer limitations and contract restrictions to the story about Thomas Tuchel's imminent divorce. Their focus is being threatened at every angle and I am sure they can't wait for the season to come to an end so they can start on a clean slate.

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