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I think this is the height of it and posterity would know I have done my best with you. I have never seen someone so relaxed and unbothered in my entire existence, someone, who wants everything to come at east, someone who enjoys doing only things that are convenient for her regardless of how it makes others feel. You don't know a thing about sacrifice and you are not only self-centred, but you want the world to revolve around you. Saying you are selfish is an understatement.


I hardly give up on people but you are one special case that tested me to limits. I have never seen anyone so stubborn and unyielding to corrections. You are not acting your age a bit and a 16-year-old would behave better than you. Indeed, age is never a function of maturity. You are way behind if they call the roll for matured and serious-minded minds.


You are not accountable. You are not giving. You are not sacrificial. You are not committed. You need more help than I could offer, hence my last post to you and this is goodbye. Thank God I don't feed you nor pay your fees, so this is going to be an easy one for you. Not like you can be bothered with anything anyway.


We had an agreement to come over with your boyfriend. I still asked you only for you to go ahead with other plans without any sense of accountability. Do you think others don't have their plans? Do you think the world must stop for everything you want when others also have plans? Do you know how many things I got in anticipation of that visit? Do you know the arrangements that Tosin also made? Do you know your boyfriend thought he would be coming here too and already had the sandals he ordered for you and his sisters to be sent to me so he can easily pick them up when he comes? Only because you cannot man up and be reasonable. Only because you have chosen to be a puppet and failed to be accountable and fight for what you truly want. You only love receiving, you have never been a giver and that is sad. I hope it won't force Ope to feel the same way if you don't work on that aspect.


People that I know make plans ahead but you, no! You go with the flow and wait for when the situation becomes impossible before you act and after amassing unnecessary pressure on yourself, you make others suffer for it as if you are the only one going through stuff, as if you didn't drag yourself into your present predicament. I don't want such friends in my life. No. I am letting you go as a bird and you can share this with as many people as you'd like so they can confirm the points I have highlighted above. No one is perfect but you are a stress to efforts.


I hope you turn out to be a wonderful human because you have it in you but your selfishness, lackadaisical attitude, not giving nature and none sacrificial acts would always stand in the way of your awesomeness if you don't work better at it. Show more commitment to your relationship. Let him know it means a lot to you as it means a lot to him. Show him care even when your mood is off because he has always shown you support I am sure even when he was going through stuff. Learn to give more to him. He is going to be your family very soon. Create more time for him. Learn to speak up for yourself. You are 25 for God's sake!!!


All the bests.




Hahaha. My echoed thoughts. I don't think I want to get angry with anyone with these words hahaha. I needed to feel this to get that rush of Adrenaline. Poof! Magic.

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