Just Do What You Can Do, II.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 8 May 2022


Don't expect from others what you can't give to them. Don't expect them to cross the ocean for you when you can't even jump the puddle for them. It's not about payback but it's basic common sense. The problem is we don't study humans because if we study them, we can understand how much the help we have gotten and it's only natural that when the occasion presents itself for us to at least make that person feel welcomed, we should learn to take it.

I'm not surprised that humans would always be the way they are ever since I noticed what a close family member said about my dad when he passed away. This was someone that would always come around, seek help and got all the help he needed to build his house. He always gets the help of my dad to pay the fees of his children. My dad wouldn't tell but I am not dumb enough not to see these things. You know when you are little, you can get away with eavesdropping. I do hear and see everything and even our driver would tell me this person came to dad's office and was given a cheque. How did he know too? He would be the one to take him to the bank, make him cash it and then take him to the park, wait for the bus to get filled so he can be safe.

When dad passed away and he came around. The family were deliberating on who will be responsible for the aspects of the burial. He was asked how much he would contribute and he opened his mouth to say that why would he since he didn't benefit ANYTHING from him while he was alive. It was at that point people started condemning him because they said they knew how close they were and it's not possible he didn't benefit when outsiders benefitted.

Humans, love to do things only when it's convenient for them. We like wasting our energy on those who won't even do half of anything for us. This is why I've locked up my mind to do things I feel are good and I would leave you to your conscience to do what you think is good too. We don't always get loyalty from those we would kill for. We don't always get love from those we expected it from. It's the way of life and humans. The better we realize this, the easier our disappointment would be eased too.

Just do what you can do and learn to let go. It's a sad reality but life isn't always a business arrangement. We just have to do the best we can and you can be sure that someone somewhere would do the same for you but it doesn't have to be those you have invested so much in. Someone that would always be there for others when they are down, don't be surprised when no one bats their eyelids when that person is down too. It's always about what humans can get not necessarily about what they can give and that's the scary thing about humans.

This post also appeared here and it's my original work on my blog on [Read.Cash](https://read.cash/@Olasquare/just-do-what-you-can-do-990bda34).

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