Average United At Best.

By Olawalium | Olawalium | 4 Apr 2022


Manchester United is an average team at their best and I am afraid they would fall further down the table if care is not taken. I know it's too early to say but I have ruled them out of the top 4 running because Arsenal and Tottenham now have the advantage.

I don't know the colour of United's problem and I won't pretend to know it but this team has been struggling for as long as I can remember. In all fairness, Jose Mourinho did at least a decent job with them and his winning mentality rubbed off on them at least a little. Manchester United drew against Leicester City and I am not afraid to say that they didn't even deserve that draw. Fred restored parity after Kelechi Iheanacho gave Leicester City the lead with a brilliant header.

I have to admit that maybe Fred is thriving more in his number 8 role but that doesn't excuse the behaviour of this team and how terribly they play. I've never seen a team play too many backward passes than United. I have not seen a team make so many individual errors and lack confidence on the ball as this United side. Only David De Gea seem to be the reliable figure in this shambolic team and even Bruno Fernandes who just signed another contract extension sometimes vanishes in games.

There was no clear direction for this team and it looks as though they just joke around in training. Sancho went from 100 to 0 real quick as he was playing it safe and maybe his exclusion from the last international game hurt his feelings but he gave us no threat up there. The reasonable chance he had inside the box, he took it quickly, miskicked and the chance got wasted.

Leicester City was on the verge of getting a double over Manchester United for the first time since the 1973/74 season and they were close to achieving that if their second goal wasn't ruled out by VAR after Varane was caught by Iheanacho in the build-up to James Maddison's goal. This United side is bereft of ideas, they play with no urgency, no threat, they play casually, they are flat, and they take no risks because most of the time they are playing it safe. All we keep seeing are the flashes of their brilliance and nothing is consistent.

Barnes would have punished United earlier with the two chances he had if he connected well with the ball. I always ask myself what's the game plan for Manchester United? I know they used the wings a lot during the days of Sir Alex but now, I don't even know whether they just draw up the starting players and ask them to just go and impress. Crossed have been terrible and without any target in mind. Players are not bombarding the opposing team's box which is the reason I pointed out they are playing it safe. If you don't attack, you can't score and when you attack, you have to take your chance and the reasonable chance United had, Bruno wasted it with his tame shot.

James Maddison had a good game against this United side and his crosses were problematic for United to deal with almost all the time. He produced the assist for Iheanacho's 4th career goal at Old Trafford. Leicester City would have won had they avoided the mistake that led to the rebound of Bruno's shot being smashed home by Fred. Manchester United didn't play well to deserve anything from this game.

Manchester United didn't even create enough chances and Leicester City gifted them that goal and they would have themselves to blame for not taking the deserved 3 points against this average Manchester United. David De Gea is to be thanked too for denying a goal-bound effort from Fofana after he singlehandedly stopped the ball with his palm. We should be getting ready for more average performance from Manchester United as the season is drawing to a close. They should consider themselves lucky if they end the season in 7th place.

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