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Since I became familiar with the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, I'm always of the opinion that your first entry into the cryptocurrency world would most likely happen through an exchange. Incase you don't know, the cryptocurrency world is a very large ecosystem where a lot of popular terms such as AltSeason is used. Incase you don't have an idea of what AltSeason is, don't you worry as I would be giving a basic explanation of what AltSeason really means.

What is Altseason?

AltSeason can simply be referred to as Altcoins Season. In other words, Altseason is a period when cryptocurrencies excluding Bitcoin (also known as altcoins) becomes very positive and suddenly increase in price in an astronomic manner against the dollar and Bitcoin at a time.

Just as I said earlier, Altseason can be referred to as Altcoins season. Also, Altcoin which is an abbreviation for "Alternative Coin" refers to every cryptocurrencies aside Bitcoin. We've got the likes of OKB, ETH and EOS as a good example of Altcoins.


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A Quick Reminder and News

In the history of the cryptocurrency market, one of the biggest and most powerful Altseason happened way back in the fourth quarter of 2017. I refer to this as a reminder because I believe some people are aware of this already and I also refer to it as news because I believe this is a new information for some people. So, what exactly are we talking about here? During this Altseason, a good number of altcoins then experienced a massive rise in price as they x100%... x700%!

No doubt, a good number of altcoins most especially DeFi altcoins have been performing wonderfully well in the crypto market of recent: The price of LEND (Aave) has pumped by over 106% within the past 30 days; price of OKB (OKEx) increased by 16.2% in the last 30 days and that of COMP (Compound) pumped by 49.1% within the last 14 days.

Similarly, the price of MKR (Maker) increased by 53.4% in the last 30 days; and DOT (Polkadot) is another altcoin which have experienced a massive increase of 106% in the past 30 days.

Going by this, I guess the question that would most likely be on your mind right now is that "Are we entering into another Altseason?"

As far as am concerned, I would say YES! Even though it's not certain yet, It looks more like it, considering the fact that the price of a number of altcoins have been increasing suddenly and astronomically in the past two to three months.



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Have You Missed Out On Another Altseason, Again?

No, I don't think so. I think the Altseason is just getting started. Don't get me wrong, this is not a financial advice and you should always do your own research before investing. However, with the little experience I have in the crypto space, I am strongly of the opinion that the Altseason is just getting started. There are still lots to make from investing in the cryptocurrency market in this Altseason. For the past few weeks now, I have been making some good profit by investing on different altcoins. I buy low and sell high.

I believe there are still lots of positivity to the cryptocurrency market. And as such, If you want to invest in Altcoins, think of no other platform but OKEx, which is the best, simplest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange to leverage right now.

What is OKEx?

OKEx is the world's leading most trusted and secured cryptocurrency exchange that provide users with the simplest interface to buy, sell and manage cryptocurrencies at an instant.

Why You Should Use OKEx Ahead Of Other Existing Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We have quite a number of different cryptocurrency exchanges around. But, OKEx have proved to be the outstanding since I have been in the crypto sphere. There are some unique features that makes OKEx an outstanding cryptocurrency exchange. The features include:

  • Secure Wallet Technology: OKEx make use of a cold and hot wallet technology so as to provide a highly secured transaction processes to its users. This secure wallet technology is an advanced security technology developed by a team of security professionals.

  • Easy Accessibility: Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges, users don't have to hold a minimum amount of capital before they can deposit and trade on OKEx.

  • Full Range of Products: OKEx provide full support for a wide range of products related to the Cryptocurrency market. They include spot trading, derivatives trading, mining pools and onchain wallets.

  • Low Trading Fees: With OKEx, users are guaranteed a considerably low trading fees in every transactions they perform compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. The trading fees on OKEx ranges from 0.03% to 0.15% on every transaction carried out.

  • Worldwide Customer Base: With OKEx, users from over 130 countries across the globe can have access to a full range of cryptocurrency services in the simplest and fastest way.

  • Fiat Onramp and Offramp: OKEx have been designed to allow users to make payments with fiat currencies on the exchange. This feature allows users to buy cryptocurrencies such as ETH and OKB with their local currency such as USA Dollar and Nigeria Naira.

Closing Thoughts

Without saying too much, I think it is very clear that OKExchange have a lot to offer when you make use of their exchange platform to carry out trading most especially in this Altseason we are entering into. Therefore, do yourself a favour by signing up for an OKEx account and start trading actively in the crypto market so you don't miss out in this Altseason.

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Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice but my own personal opinion based on my experience using OKEx to carry out my tradings so far.

The post contain an affiliate link and i will likely be rewarded when you register through my link.


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