10/26/2020 Axie Infinity News & Leek analysis

By Purefect | Okasura | 26 Oct 2020

Covering some of the lesser known angles. I hope you all had fun with the exciting drops and speculative imagery :) Rather than just images i'll now provide some analytics.

Here we see a basic building side-by-side with an upgraded building. This functionality is confirmed in the white paper.
On the blackboard we see a small, basic sword and what appears to be it's upgraded form. Through various leeks over the weeks we know axies will be able to acquire weapons.

Here we see the standard axie evolution cycle.  Egg, Larva, Petite, Adult, and a mysterious 5th form which has been ripped out.
We can see the 5th evolution will enable axies to use weapons / gear.  The 5th form of axies will bring about more detail and a more polished look, excited to see how they handle the class types of each :)

There is a lot going on in this image.
We have SLP, DAI, AXS, KNC. What do these have in common? They are all things that can players can buy and sell... trade... farm.
This  image is an overview of what you will be able to buy & sell, what you'll be able to farm. The main ways you can make a living in Lunacia.

In the upper right we see an apple. Within screenshots further in this article, we can see a little dining table for axies to sit down at, relax and eat.
So we know axies will have to eat for some reason.
Since there is no plant axie body part that involves an apple we know with a fair degree of certainty this will be exclusively used to replenish your axies in some way. (Unless new cards / parts are going to released)
This could be HP or energy needed to do things on land.   Whatever the purpose, you will be able to farm / mint food and sell it to lunacians. Make a living as a chef / farmer? ;)

There is a strange jar beside the SLP...  While it's purpose is currently unknown maybe it's used to evolve your axie to the 5th stage.

In the lower right we have what appears to be a dungeon key. (Horned design) Players will likely need this to access dungeons and it is has a $ value so you could potentially make a businesses out of trading them. It's made of metal so in theory it's possible it could be crafted but in order to keep things balanced i speculate that it is more of a rare drop that would acquire from battling chimera, players or bosses.

Below the key we have a diamond ring of some sort. This could indicate accessories you can equip on your axies -or- marriage. Since everything here is associated with buying / selling, farming i would lean more toward accessory equipment.

A dice, perhaps some degenerate gambling casino's will show up lunacia.

A music box with a bird on top. It's very interesting that this is paired with all the other items here that can help players earn an income. We seen in other images axies appear to be playing instruments. trumpets, ocarina's and more. What are most instruments made of? Wood, Metal. Which are farmable resources in Lunacia. You will be able to farm and craft instruments as well as buy/sell or trade them.
While the use of instruments is still not known i would speculate that they provide various buffs. Maybe if you play a certain instrument by the river it will attract more fish. Perhaps if you play music for your plants they will grow faster or be of a better quality.

The statue with the glowing belly... UNKNOWN (Maybe a summon beacon)
The medallion with the strange "^" symbol? UNKNOWN (maybe some other crypto coin / partner)

- Potion shop
- Telescope. Perhaps something to do with astrology or the moons of lunacia. We know each moon will have a different influence over the happenings of Lunacia. Why would be need an observatory? We know some team members are Elon fan boys. What's a narrative being pushed there, farm Mars or asteroids for resources right? Maybe we can take rockets or air ships to the moons of lunacia and harvest special resources there or take part in special events off world. 

- Scaffolding. Here we see a building structure built high up in the sky. On has to wonder if we could do that with homes as well.

- There appears to be power lines running between some of the buildings and some type of antenna's atop these homes. If that is the case perhaps you can build water wheels for energy or have your axies passively work to generate energy. I might be wrong on this one since up closer we see a crude pulley system on other buildings.

- Tree of life. In other games the tree of life usually symbolizes giveaways of some sort. Once a day you get a free gift of sorts.

- Airship Faster travel around Lunacia -or- maybe some areas are only accessible by the airship. You'll likely have to pay some AXS to use it. Possible that if you have enough funds you might be able to buy this and sell it as a service.

- 3 Bedrooms on the upper level. Why would one need to increase the capacity of a building? Perhaps this is an Inn / hotel.
Summon little birds to assist in battle?

Left - A new body coloration type
Middle - Weapons can be broken. Here we also see a bird that is half white and half pink further showcasing a meaningful change in body coloration types.  We also see an evil looking bird axie that is a mage, while the other is an archer. This may be hinting to various paths on upgrading your axie. Leading more towards the stereo typical classes found in other games. Archers, Knights, Mages. Going further Beast tamers, Necromancers, Summoners and others. Exciting
Right - In the middle there is a plain egg. On the left and right these eggs have special patterns. The reptile is holding up an egg with a GOLDEN shiny pattern indicating it's different from the rest. Looks like breeding changes are coming and maybe that manifests as "You have 1/???? chance of breeding [special] axi". It's anyones guess as to what that would be. Maybe a special skin that cannot be replicated?

Blue side and red side. Classic characteristic of opposing forces.
I see this as one of the new battle environments.

From left to right - This log looks like a crude sleeping den for an axie.
There is a notice board which may likely be a portal for axie infinity news or events and promotions going on in Lunacia
2 Light sources
Fish on a processing table (Food to buy and sell)
Various plants and foods.
We see a pumpkin on the axies back. and a pumpkin in a shopping stall, as indicated by the SLP and bag of money beside it. In the battles V2 leek screenshot, the pumpkin card art is different. The axie is upright and wearing armor. Basically what all this indicates is the pumpkin will be used to upgrade pumpkin parts. You can farm upgradeable parts. For plants, you will grow pumpkins, cactuses, cat tails, Carrots then can choose to either sell them or use them to upgrade your axie with the matching part. If you noticed all Plant axie parts are things that can be grown. 
How about aquatic axies? All of their parts can be found in water sources. Upgradeable through the river in Lunacia. Shoal star, nimo, perch, Anemone.
Beast axies, their parts will likely come from battling chimera throughout lunacia or in dungeons. Perhaps scavenging bones throughout lunacia.
And so on.

We see a large pond, a watering can and some boiling water over a fire. Logically it makes sense that you would have to water your plants (AKA body parts or items) to keep them alive. Maybe you will have to cook food before consuming.
There is a dining table with seeds beside it
A statue carved out of stone (new item?) which appears to be holding a helmet equipment (bandana)
Stone furniture couch, on the right side of the screenshot.
A desk with a number of books. (Recipes and blueprints you collect from killing chimera and doing other things)

Look at all these light sources. A street lamp. 2 different types of lanterns and a torch. Why would we need all this light?
There will be day and night cycles!
- We see a wooden fence and a stone fence. Craftable, maybe it prevents others from farming resources on your territory or prevents wild chimera from coming in and disrupting your land.

 Petrified egg? Chimera egg? hmm... maybe just  a harvestable stone.
On the right we see the bones of a giant deer like chimera. Boss?
Interesting statue.

While this looks like it could be new parts it may just be upgraded art for old parts.  We see the axie on the right is still on all 4's and doesn't looked evolved like the middle and left axie do.

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From everything we know about land so far, it's quite clear the team intends everything to have a use. To mimic the real world just as many blockchain games try to port over real estate into a virtual environment. It makes sense that your axies would have to eat and rest after traveling long distances. To have light fixtures with night and day cycles. To have various businesses cropping up that you may often see in the real world.

 For example... Waste management. If your axies eat they must shit right? Unko art is already in the game, it's been part of monster care games for quite some time and there could be a nice businesses here. Waste collection / management which can then be processed into fertilzer for the foods, items and body parts you want to grow. Entirely in the realm of possibility that a daily chore may be cleaning up after your axies. If you don't want to, maybe you pay 0.8 AXS weekly for someone else to do it.

While there hasn't been any direct leeks to that, i base this off of previous games, games Jiho has hinted at, what we know about the teams vision / psychology and the general theme behind blockchain games (porting real world to digital).


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