Can Dailymotion Track IP Addresses That Viewed Embeded Videos On A Website

By Ohenewaatv | Ohenewaa Tech Hub | 5 Aug 2023



   The correct answer is Yes, Dailymotion can see the IP address of the user who viewed an embedded video on a website. This is because when you embed a Dailymotion video on your website, the Dailymotion player is loaded from Dailymotion's servers. The player then sends a request to Dailymotion's servers, which includes the user's IP address. Dailymotion can then use this IP address to track the user's viewing activity.



You Have To Note This:

However, it is important to note that Dailymotion does not share this IP address with the website that embedded the video. The website only sees the number of views that the video has received, but not the IP addresses of the viewers.



Can I Hide My IP Address From Dailymotion.

If you are concerned about privacy, you can use a VPN to hide your IP address when you watch embedded Dailymotion videos. This will prevent Dailymotion from tracking your viewing activity.



Some additional details about how Dailymotion tracks IP addresses:

   Dailymotion uses IP addresses to track the geographic location of viewers. This information is used to determine which country or region a video is popular in.

 Dailymotion also uses IP addresses to prevent fraud. For example, if someone tries to watch a video multiple times from the same IP address, Dailymotion can block that IP address from viewing the video and this makes Dailymotion different from other social media platforms.


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