The Power Of Creating Opportunity

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”-Milton Berle.

Free markets allow people the honor of creating opportunity where there was none. In market environments where individuals have freedom to create endless amounts of opportunity, they can change their lives and the world. The ability to create new opportunities, without fear of being shut down or destroyed, has allowed so many people to break out of poverty, and live the life of their dreams. 

We may often take for granted or overlook the power we hold to create opportunities. The more an economy grows, we see jobs increase, and new technologies come around. More opportunities arise to compete, buy, work or innovate. We can then see niches in career fields producing; just look at the internet or more recently the world of mobile apps. It’s essential that we have the capabilities and avenues to pursue whatever we would put our mind to. Restrictions on the individual only add up to restriction on the market.

  The point is: when there is more economic freedom, there is more opportunity for all.  So, we will do a deeper dive on this correlation tomorrow. It’s incredible how many people economic freedom has lifted out of poverty. This freedom gives people the ability to build a legacy for themselves and their family. There is power in creating opportunity for ourselves and others.


Written by Caleb Hogan from on January 26, 2021

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