The Power of Choice

“Maturity is when you stop complaining and making excuses, and start making changes.” –Roy T. Bennett

One thing often taken for granted in our lives, especially for those living in a more free society, is our ability, or freedom, to choose. When I talk about the freedom to choose, I’m not talking about abortion. I’m talking about being able to evaluate that which is offered to us and deciding the best option for ourselves, even if that means creating more options. The amount of freedom, as well as opportunity is found in the choices that we make and can make on a day to day basis. 

Why is our ability to choose such a big deal? Don’t we all have choices to make? Well, yes, but not everyone has the same opportunity or options to choose from. There are places where there’s only a few (not so safe, or even legal in some cases) employment opportunities, with seemingly no way to escape. Places where there’s no freedom to have a voice in politics. Places where the only (reasonable) option is to do what your family expects of you. Whether it be in politics, religion, speech, employment, economics or whatever, choice holds value. When choices are limited, then the power and voice we hold as individuals is limited as well.

Our choices hold power. With great power comes great responsibility. We can choose to do right, or we can choose to do wrong. We can choose to go or stay, to speak or be silent, to act or to be still, to change or to be stagnant. Each choice comes with outcomes and consequences, affecting not only ourselves but others around us. 

How often do we stop and think about the weight each decision holds on our lives? As a time traveler would say, every little thing matters. One simple change in our step can completely alter the path we are walking along. 

When we choose to do what is good, what is right and what is pure, the fruit of the seeds sown will show. Also, if we would choose to do what is wrong, malicious and hurtful- the fruits would show. Let us not pass up an opportunity to act out in freedom, to help our neighbors, to contribute to our local businesses, or to simply smile at a stranger. Why? Because we never know the weight each decision brings, for they all hold a significant amount. 

For those who have the ability to make a change and have a voice, what will you choose to do? We hear complaints about our current government, economic system, other people, the list goes on… What will you choose to do? Are you willing to take action? Will you choose to make a difference? Can you help others along the way? Are you responsible for the future that lies ahead? How will the choices we make impact the world around us as a whole? What is your money going towards? (Not just what you purchase or pay in bills.)The choices are seemingly endless. The power of choice is tangible. Choose, and see the power behind choice.


Written by SMH from on May 23, 2021

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