The Free Market Is Beautiful

“There are no limits to what free men, free women, and free markets can accomplish.” –Jack Kemp.

Freedom Rules

The free market is a beautiful thing. It allows the individual to pursue their own ends without government intervention, and it helps keep prices low by allowing competition to thrive. But how does this apply to your business? When you let the free market work for you, you are able to use its power in order to grow your company into something that is successful and profitable!

This economic system has allowed so many to break free of poverty. In a market economy you can go from the bottom of the food chain to the top! In a free market system you decide what your path is. You decide to contribute to society voluntarily; not by force. You decide what you are willing to do or not. You decide how much money is enough for you and your family, instead of government officials who think they know better than you what’s best for your life!

What does free market mean? When the free market system is applied in business it means that there is open competition between companies without any interference. It means that the supply, and demand of products and services set the prices. This means that your time and labor are worth what you decide they are as every interaction is voluntary. Free market means free choice!

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Can’t Everyone Enjoy?

If we’re all free, shouldn’t we have total control over our lives? Why do some countries not allow free market?

The free market system is the most moral, just and free way of doing business. It means that your money belongs to you! If it were up to politicians they would take half of our income away so they can fund their own personal projects with taxpayer’s money. The free market doesn’t believe in forcing citizens to comply, it is a system which leans on the inherit good in everyone. It is a system where dreams flourish, and happiness abounds.

Countries that don’t allow open markets believe that people are inherently bad, and they want to protect the vulnerable by making decisions for them. That doesn’t sound like protection, it sounds like control. These places where the government decides for you are often poor, and quality of life in a very centralized country is typically poor. I will leave you with this food for thought; as the United States becomes more centralized, has the quality of life gotten better, or worse? Open the Markets again, and let people choose and happy! We love the free market, these principles are what have inspired this whole project.


Written by Caleb Hogan from on September 12, 2021

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