The Dawn Of A New Economy Part II

“As the economy is shifting, you need to have legitimate and creative sources of extra income. There are opportunities available that people have been using for years now” -Franklin Gillette

In Part One of this dawn of a new economy I discussed mostly blockchain, and Web3.0. This tech has amazing perks, and is changing the world we know as we speak! I grazed over Web 2.0, and I will now be working backwards. Web 2.0 changed every business, and every life it has touched. Love it or hate it we are hooked on the internet for good. What does this all mean?

What Does Web 2 Mean?

 This all means several things, to start it has never been easier to connect with “your people” anywhere in the world. It means it has never been easier for an individual to turn their passion into a source of income. The most blaring part of the web 2 trend is that it has led to an all new economy that traditional businesses are still grappling with. Most brick and mortar companies are just now realizing the power of social media, and a large internet presence. Web 2 has allowed such a young population to realize economic freedom. As Gary Vee himself has said himself; there has been no better opportunity than the internet in all of human history. It is true, anyone with internet access can go from the bottom to the top so fast. 

The Dawn Of A New Economy

Economic freedom is only a few clicks away with sites like AmazonFBAShopifyFivrEbay,  Instagram, YoutubeGoogle and so many more!  Individuals have all the tools at their disposal to capitalize on hobbies, passions, and ideas. Groups can meet online, and form a company from across the globe! Start ups have led to mass marketing innovation, and a spree of products and tech advancements at a rate never seen before.  Even individual investors are able to compete with large funds using the tools of web 2.0. It seems we are in the heyday of the internet. Where could we possibly go from here? 

 We have seen an explosion in wealth creation thanks to the internet. The world is experiencing a technical revolution thanks to the internet. We are just now seeing businesses live or die based on technological adoption. The COVID economy has created a massive demand for less physical contact and more streamlined business habits. Consumers expect more automation, businesses are having to sink or swim in this dawn of a new economy. 

No Going Back

The truth is the world can not go back to before the internet. We have created and embraced something that is now at the core of every facet of modern society.  We are all connected, and data consumption and collection has never been used on this scale. This mass data collection has led to a vast majority of people losing the value of their data.  This metadata collection back drop has set the stage for the biggest innovation of modern times; Web 3.0. The web 2 saga may be at its height, but it has led to a larger avalanche of advancements. The Metaverse (not Facebook) will lead, and is leading to endless virtual universes we have yet to begin exploring. AI, VR, Decentralization are exotic ideas now. These terms will be just as common as computer and cashier soon enough.


Written by Caleb Hogan from on November 21, 2021

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