“It’s important to recognize that your intention counts immeasurably.”

― Minter Dial


It’s imperative to be a good steward over what we have been given: the opportunities before each of us, personal reputation, assets, knowledge, attitude, freedom, being mindful of our individual boundaries, and of those around us and so much more. Seth just wrote a pretty heartfelt post about gratitude. Gratitude and stewardship go hand in hand. What we choose with the opportunities given to us today, will have an impact on our future. We all have the ability to carry ourselves with intention, and It’s the most important time in history to do so. 

There is so much intention lacking in society today, especially in 1st world countries. Mob rule, and narcissism run rampant on the streets. There is so little gratitude for the opportunity to live in a place where free thinking is the benchmark. The United States spread this idea of individual freedoms since its inception as a country. The Founding Fathers made it clear, all of us are equal, and deserve to have our individual pursuit of happiness. These Founders had the  intention to protect the smallest minority with the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. Their Intentions have helped create the most abundant time in human history. 

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Protecting Rights

It’s now on us to carry on that torch of Individual rights, and liberties on for another generation. For whatever reason you would like to believe people in America seem to be leaning towards temporary safety over liberty, which may spell demise for a lot of rights we enjoy today. Freedom of Speech is constantly under fire today thanks to cancel culture.  Individual thoughts have somehow managed to gain an “extremist label” just because people want to express, and choose freely for themselves, and their families. Public universities, and major corporations are ripping down individuals left and right in the name of “social justice”, and mob rule. It’s Time to fight back against this temporary safety with intention; the intention of protecting individuals from a suppressive, divisive system that has been created today.  

Intention To Steward Opportunities

Thinking about the intention and gratitude I should have, it has really kicked me while I was down so to speak. We are coming up on one year of this project being up, and the reach hasn’t been what we hoped for. That’s just it. We have been hoping for our content to be good enough instead of putting in the effort to spread the narrative of Free Market principles as we intended. Today however we can be good stewards. I want to grow this platform, I want the community to grow and I want all of you liberty lovers to have someone in your corner. From the OTFM podcast to the Free Market Nightcap We will be more involved. We have to be.

As individuals we are all given stewardship of our lives. It is beyond important to be grateful for the opportunities we have, and to make sure they do not go to waste. We have not been giving this platform our very best, and our roots have only dug as deep as a shallow lawn. Thankfully we are just getting started, and we can not wait to bring you all the best of the free market for as long as history will allow us. Life is good, and we live in the best time to be alive. It’s time to act like it. Life is short enough, I don’t want to waste another minute wondering what if… Cheers!


Written by Caleb Hogan from on October 31, 2021

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