Starting 2024; Uneasy.

 The Federal reserve has decided to hold interest rates to start the year off. S&P 500Nasdaq,Dow, and Crypto markets alike all hitting a downward trend to start the new year off. This is leaving retail investors like ourselves wondering what does 2024 have in store. 2023 ended on such a high note. We are only a week in, but a lot of uncertainty has already been laid before us. We are clearly starting 2024; uneasy.

Federal reserve holding interest rates flat The Federal Reserve’s Stance:

The decision by the Federal Reserve to hold interest rates has triggered a wave of speculation and raised questions about the economic outlook. Central bank policies play a pivotal role in shaping market sentiment, and this move has undoubtedly left investors pondering the potential ramifications. The decision shows slight wavering in the supposed strength of the economy. 

Reflecting on 2023:

To gain a comprehensive perspective, it’s crucial to reflect on the preceding year. 2023 concluded on a positive note, but as history has shown, market conditions can change swiftly. Understanding the drivers behind the success of 2023 and whether those factors are sustainable can provide insights into the current uncertainties. 2023 had a lot of conflict, and social turmoil and continued global divisiveness. All of these events were reaching climaxes as the year came to end leading to the further sense of uneasiness we are experiencing now. 

Staying Informed:

With only a week into the new year, it’s crucial to stay informed. Economic indicators, geopolitical events, and corporate earnings reports, and even mass social media trends can all influence market dynamics. Keeping a watchful eye on these factors, and maintaining your course is key in the world of uneasiness. 2024 can, and will be the best year ever for a lot of people, possibly you too. The key is to stay informed, stay the course, and don’t lose sight of your vision. 


While uncertainty may prevail for the first week of 2024, it’s essential to approach the situation with a level-headed mindset. Markets are dynamic, and fluctuations are part of the game. By staying informed, diversifying your exposure, and adopting a long-term perspective, you can navigate the challenges and make informed decisions in the ever-evolving economic landscape. 2024 will be the year of the free market no matter how uneasy we get from here. 


Written by Caleb H from on January 8, 2024

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