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“There is no point in using the word ‘impossible’ to describe something that has clearly happened.”  -Douglas Adams

What can Blockchain make happen? Probably one of the best creations in the decentralized world is Smart Contracts and the Ethereum Network. Smart contracts have already changed the world, and will play a massive role in the future of decentralized society. Smart contracts will affect the mortgage industry, legal industry and so many more industries. 

   Ethereum has laid the foundation for a digital future focused on community and the individual. Smart contracts allow more peer to peer networking, and market access for all free of censorship. Two parties agree to participate in a voluntary exchange which occurs over top of a pre-set of rules; once the  rules are met a contract produces the output. 

  Smart contracts will help automate asset management, mortgages, banking, smart homes, legal services, and document processing. Creating transparency and streamlining processes across the board we will see smart contracts make life happen on “our terms”. We are just opening the door on this incredible blockchain foundation, and we can’t wait to see where this goes.  Thanks for reading. More on smart contracts coming tomorrow!

  Written by Caleb Hogan from on February 5, 2021

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