Making Progress

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” -A quote on making progress.

In the midst of all the world events; pandemics, inflation, commodity shortage scares and cyber attacks day after day, it’s easy to get discouraged, distracted and apathetic to the bigger picture. Whether it be on the side of focusing too much on issues outside of our control, or too much on ourselves, it’s easy to lose your grasp on one side of that picture, if not one, both. As we continue to look at the more focused picture of individual opportunity and investment, it’s essential we take a turn back to the bigger picture and focus on why it’s so important for us to thrive as individuals in this chaotic and ever changing political/economic environment in which we live.

The Bigger Picture

There are problems we face together as a populous day after day. From the local neighborhood level all the way to international. The distractions from our personal lives can often leave us veiled to what is going on around us. When darkness has a hold on our minds, it makes it difficult to be a light in a world that desperately needs it. As individuals, we have the power to spread the flame of a lit candle. We must stay active! Shining light on injustice, corruption and controversy. 

Conversely, if we’re too focused and involved in the mess that is our world, we can lose grip on the power we hold over our lives. Too easily do folks get caught up in hopeless disarray on their perspective of the world around us. As we’ve said, it’s our responsibility to focus on our own lives and progress therein if we are to have any say in how the progression of the whole of life goes. We ought not to let the matters of the masses hinder us from our safety net of discipline in virtue and daily life. 

Invest All The Time

This is why we’ve lately shifted our content to personal investment: we have the power to make the bigger picture more beautiful. It’s important that we stay up to date on current events and what is going on around us; not just mainstream media either. There’s more than meets the eye, but there’s always coverage- it may not be popular or well known, but it’s there. Moreso it’s important to stay connected to your community and to give your best to everyone. Be the light in your neighbors life. First, though, you must work on the issues that lie within. Be a candle that can’t be put out

Making Progress Decide to Progress

The little things matter in the grand scheme of things. Being involved with the world around us is the only way to actively change it. We must address issues, and not dwell upon them, no matter how small or personal to us they may be- always grow and progress. When growth and betterment come in oneself, then that energy can more easily flow to the rest of the world.

Putting Into Practice

Here at OTFM, we strive to inspire growth and provoke thought and to uphold the virtues of freedom! The world both inside and around us can get hazy and crazy, but we as individuals have the power in our hands! We hold the keys to success. 

As of late, we’ve been doing more audio than blog posts, but be on the lookout for more written content! We too, like most anyone, struggle with the various obstacles of life. Life may knock us down and maybe kick us around a bit. However, in recognizing the issues at hand within, we strive to change for the better. In doing so, we are inspired to change the issues which affect us all. Thank you all for your support, and stay tuned for more! 


Written by SMH from on Jul 26, 2021

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