Lose Today to Win Tomorrow?

We are dedicating this  one to the challenges yet to be overcome, and to the days that make you question your path; To the days full of challenges, and getting our ass kicked for the 18th time today. Losing is part of life. Losing is part of the process. Winning can be part of the process, and from my experience you have to take an L before taking a W, and you MUST be grateful for both. Now that December is here, let’s reflect on some of the wins, and losses this year. Start your process for 2024. Take the risk today, don’t wait, and most importantly don’t let life keep you down. Opportunities are endless. We got this. Maybe its okay to lose today, if it means winning tomorrow.

“Life is full of small wins, even when we lose”-Anonymous




Written by Caleb Hogan from ofthefreemarket.com on November 30, 2023

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