Investing All The Time

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.”  -Eric Butterworth

We are on earth for such a short time in the grand scheme of the world. It is always important to recognize that WE have to take conscious action to get what WE want out of life. You must make a choice to coast through today, or to grow. Today is an investment, tomorrow is an investment, this second can be an investment if you choose to make it one. We are always investing all the time.

 Last week I spoke about the concept of investing all the time on my podcast Free Market Nightcap. I choose to discuss this concept because it has basically caused me to rethink everything. Since then I have been using these 5 concepts to break down my “all the time.” 

Investing All The Time

-How we spend our time.

-How we think, and the attitude we have. 

-What we do with the actions we take. 

-How we use the resources at our disposal. 

-What relationships we have, and how we interact in them. 

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I choose these 5 sections because this basically sums up how we spend our days from beginning to end each day. From the second we wake up to the second we fall asleep we are thinking, acting, and utilizing our resources, and relationships everyday; we do all this with an attitude we can choose to have. The key to all of this is that it requires conscious effort to get what we want out of life.


Since I started thinking about this 3 weeks ago my life has not been the same. I am still struggling with parts that came with implementing this thought process, but the light has turned on and realization has begun. Time is precious, and what we do with the time we have is so important, especially if we are so far from the goals we want to achieve. I have recognized so many inefficiencies in my life which require more attention, and I hope you find some yourself. We only have so much time, and each day that passes could be our last. Once we realize that we can begin to work on our thoughts, and our attitude. 


You can believe everything is out to get you, and that life is hard, or you can believe that life is a blessing and it’s great to be alive and both statements will be correct. One state of mind will get you to act as if everything is pushing against you, and the other will allow you to see the amazingness the world has to offer. No matter what your current circumstance is, you have the power to change your thoughts, and your life along with them. Once our thoughts are more focused and our attitude is in check we can then begin to act on the new mindset we have. 


Actions are what define us as people. The old saying “you are what you eat” could not be a more accurate analogy of how our actions define us. Our attitudes mentioned above have actions that will follow. The victim mentality will seek out a reason for something to be impossible for them to do. The blessing mentality will seek out a reason to be thankful for having to achieve something that seems impossible. These attitudes also have resource usage that goes along with them. A person who feels life is hard will more than likely waste resources, and find a way to protect the little that they have for themselves. This type of person typically takes more than they give. A person who is happy to be alive will find a way to use what little they have to create more resources, and more opportunities for themselves and those around them. This all translates into the relationships we have with ourselves and the world around us. 


Being a person who is focused on being a victim you will have relationships with other victims, and close minded people who see the world one way. Being a person focused on the blessing that life is you will have relationships with more open minded people who challenge you to improve yourself and grow. One set of relationships will lead to comfort in the status quo, the other set of relationships will lead to fresh perspectives, and welcomed change has life goes on. 

Investing all the time.

Life doesn’t happen in this very structured way; in fact it is quite the opposite. Life happens at a very disorganized fast pace, with emotions, and thoughts flying though our heads each second we are awake. The beautiful part of being human is that we can process, and correct what we are thinking, what we are doing, how we are feeling. We can recognize inefficiencies in relationships, and in the use of our resources whatever they may be. We can change our lives starting right now. This can be the place where we take a stand, and take control of our lives! we are always investing all the time weather we admit it or not. Let me know your thoughts, and thanks for reading.


Written by Caleb Hogan from on July 14, 2021

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