Hindsight is 20/20 and it’s 2022

The most fertile source of insight is hindsight.

— Morris Kline


This will be the 1st of many authentic original pieces that I have written not about a certain topic or subject but purely coming from my experience. This experience comes from 2020 to now 2022 as we celebrate the new year. These experiences have been cultivated between 2 years of probably the most bizarre time in modern history. What hindsight have I seen that has come to fruition over the past 2 years? More than you would think and 2022 is full of so much more opportunity than the two years combined.

2020 Happened 

2020 was dominated by uncertainty and covid-19. We saw disparaging gaps in our supply chain and reliability that was unsustainable. Covid showed the US how thin the line is between chaos and life as usual.Covid also put the US government at probably what was the biggest test ever. They failed. The government failed. Now keep in mind; this is my perspective and my perspective alone. Covid brought was the most invasive tyrannical reach for power that the government has ever done in US history. 

In 2020 the first amendment came under attack. In 2020 we printed almost 2/3 of our entire money supply of US dollars. In 2020 we saw division in this country like no one could ever imagine. In 2020 we saw the government protect corporations and the elites and crush small businesses like never before. The world saw office buildings empty and everyone working from home, and vast amounts of commercial real estate basically vacant. As an American I was confused, distraught and in disbelief about what I had just experienced in this year of 2020. The whole world seemed to change overnight.

2020 became a year of questions questioning everything and wondering what was the right direction to go. As the year rolled on we had a presidential election; and so much conflicting information constantly being blasted at everyone all the time. 20/20 became known as the worst year in a generation but so many thought as the election ended that there was a path forward into a new year. The stock market and other investments never really took the hit you would have thought. Crypto was in its pre-boom stage before 2021. Then came 2021. I will never forget 15 days to flatten the curve.

2021 Came Next 

 2021 was supposed to be the light at the end of the tunnel. The inauguration happened and we began to see what 2021 could be. It was the same.  2021 continued the trend of 2020 with money printing more than what we can afford. Free speech came under the microscope, and inflation ran onto the scene in a deranged fashion. 2021 continued with lockdowns, government overreach and small business struggle. Restaurants, and struggling brick and mortar businesses saw the biggest hit and online business grew. All businesses, big and small were hit with the biggest conversation in 2021 “supply chain crisis” Crazy right?

 Crypto saw the biggest boom to date with BitcoinEl Salvador,NFTSEthereum (2.0), ALT and shit coins leading the way. Retail investors found their true power. Hedge funds shined weak in the light and the system showed it’s true colors. Rigged. 2021 saw “The New Normal”. 2021 also became the year of inflation. Inflation was so great that gas prices rose by 50%. We in the United States saw such conflict of what the new normal was and saw our paychecks become smaller as talk of new taxes was in the mainstream. This year of 2021 left a lot of us wondering what could possibly be next?

Hindsight Kicks In For 2022 

Well it’s 2022 and all we can do is look back at the last 2 years. We can take notes and see how much has changed and stop there. 2022 will be the real year of real change for so many industries and businesses since the new normal. What does that mean? It means that 2022 can be the year of a new economy. 2022 has to be different. This year America and the world have a choice to make. We can continue with the status quo or we can decide to make things better for everyone.

As we look back at 2020 and 2021 we can reflect and realize what could have been different but could have gone better and see what went well. Sure some things were bad and sure some things were worse but the important thing is that we are here now. Here out ofthefreemarket.com we will be looking for what has been good and what can be better.

 We want to seize the moment in 2022 and create something different, something new and something much needed. The free market is a great thing and has been a great thing to ending poverty and lifting communities into the developed world. The mass adoption of blockchain technology and web 3.0 is what the world needs. We are here to discuss, and have a debate. Americans can agree to disagree because that’s what bringing here is all about. I am excited to take on 2022 with all of you and wish you all the best year.


Written by Caleb Hogan from ofthefreemarket.com on January 2, 2022


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