“Ether is the token of the Ethereum network, which is focused on disrupting contract law.“  -Cameron Winklevoss

 Ethereum, ETH, is the second largest crypto network behind bitcoin, and in a way has changed crypto currency, contract law and business forever.  Ethereum was founded in 2015 and is changing the financial world everyday it exists. Ethereum is creating a new realm where smart contracts can take the place of and eliminate general contract underwriters. 

   ETH will change, and has changed the crypto realm more than  BTC. What that means is that ETH has more application then BTC, but they are two different beasts and that should be expected. ETH is a protocol in addition to being a cryptocurrency which makes  contracts simple, and trustless. Bitcoin to some is a better store of value, and not built for complex transactions. Bitcoin does not have the same smart contract capabilities that Ethuerum has. They both however do make complex transactions simple, and that is what makes blockchain technology great. 

  Smart contracts are the core foundation of the Ethereum network. This broad blockchain network has allowed the majority of alternate block chain environments to thrive. ETH has acted as a foundation for wide use blockchain technology. This smart contract network has built a path for institutional companies to embrace. 

   How are these smart contracts so useful? Ethereum, ETH or Ether is utilized as a community run platform where community powers the network’s growth, and the currencies value. Ether is the core of DAPPs, and will replace middleman businesses across the economy; from bankers to insurance actuaries, contract law will become almost foolproof. DAPPs have all kinds of use functions in the finance realm, from Basic transactions to Trading and prediction markets.. 

 The Bottom line is that Ethereum and Bitcoin, and other blockchain tech have just started revolutionizing the financial world. Disruptions will continue to happen, and business industries will have no choice but to adopt some type of blockchain technology in the near future. Please ask questions and give us feedback. We want new perspectives and knowledge. Ether has already changed the world, and the community is open for everybody to join.

  Written by Caleb Hogan from on February 17, 2021

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