“Your ambition to grow is what sets you apart.”

Since their founding in 2016, Singapore based has risen to gain one of the top spots as a cryptocurrency exchange. Over the past few years, the exchange has been one of the fastest growing and most influential entities in the market of blockchain technology. They’ve set out to put crypto in every individual’s possession and to bring to life the vision of full adoption of web 3 and decentralized technology. Well on their way, has over ten million users and counting who use the many resources on their far reaching platform.

Crypto.com1 Exchange

The Platform

This impressive platform has caught the public eye with their many sponsorships. Such as that with the UFC, and Formula 1 as well as recently purchasing the naming rights for the famed LA ‘Staples Center’. Not only that. The developers wanted blockchain and all it has to offer to be both easily accessible and applicable. Anyone who currently has a bank account can easily move their funds in and out of the platform and get started.

They’ve made a very user-friendly platform that offers over 250 cryptocurrencies, many with opportunity for staking rewards. There’s an NFT marketplace, it’s own native currency- the coin CRO, farming opportunity with their swap feature. They even make it easy for businesses, offering products for easily receiving payments in crypto, and the consumer can easily spend in crypto using their Visa cards with varying rewards up to 8% cashback! They’ve successfully made a one stop shop for crypto users, but it doesn’t stop there. also has a university with tons of learning resources- making it almost too easy to get involved. This platform is changing the game. Their mission to accelerate adoption is set up well to succeed with all they have to offer. With people at the forefront of their ambitions- it’s easy to see why is growing so fast. Development is reaching for new heights as they shift to the chain which makes their platform more decentralized than ever before.

Crypto.com3 Puttin your money in your hands

Rising In The Ranks

They’re comparable to some, if not all, of the larger and more popular cryptocurrency exchange and platform options. Sure some have their personal favorites for varying reasons. Some like Binance or Coinbase for learning resources, ease of use and  simplicity. is coming up in the ranks with their efforts to make everything blockchain readily available and easy to use in the fiat world. Not to mention they have everything the two biggest networks have and more. Some would call the platform, and others like it, the bank killers. Why? They not only offer the means to decentralize the owning of assets, but to decentralize spending and trading as well. They make crypto real.

Their whitepaper says it all. People taking control of their assets is priority number one. The growth seen in and from this project is admirable to say the least, especially as it continues.


Written by SMH from on January 24, 2022

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