An Economy That Does Not Make Sense… Or Does It?

Bitcoin, or Crypto as a market, is up. Consumer credit card debt is at an All time high. Mortgage rates are the highest they have been since the early 2000s, off the all time lows of 2020. Life in the United States is more expensive than it ever has been, and wages are not keeping up with the snowballing household expenses. Retirement seems like a far away dream even to those who should be looking forward to after 35 years in the workforce. People like me (late 20s) may never see Social Security, and no one wants to address that elephant in the room…AI… So how do we digest All of this, and where do we go from here?

As stated  at the beginning of this, Cryptocurrency is up. That seems to be the one taken away from above that makes sense; at least to me. Bitcoin, and most crypto historically inverses the dollar value because of its solid finite supply, and blockchain based economics. The dollar on the other hand seems to be in infinite supply. I am not an economist, and Bitcoin makes economics so simple to understand vs that of the U.S banking system. This isn’t rocket science, and schools of economic opinions are in the many; the point? Why does so little in this economy make sense when the outcomes of most policies are so obviously negative. Inflation is crippling everyday people. Wealthy people are crushing it, and the young people are left having to make sense of this economic disaster in the making. 


Disaster may be a harsh word, but ask yourself again. Does this economy make sense or not? It appears on the face of things that every decision of the Fed is wrong. These Federal Reserve decisions only hurt average Americans more and more. Life has never been as expensive as it is today in the U.S.A. So  where do we go from here? What has to change in order for today’s consumers to secure economic success for them and future generations? There are some hard truths we have to face, and overcome. The tools to make sense, and beat this system have never been so available. We can not get distracted by the unimportant mainstream. People today have the ability to make sense of their individual economic situation more efficiently and better than ever before. We can create higher wages, and take action to hedge against inflation like never before.

 In closing; the economy may never make sense, but what does make sense is as simple as controlling what you can control, and not worrying so much about what you can’t control. This goes for all of us. Living in the U.S is being in the top 50% of the entire population of the world, and we should be grateful we live in a place where upward economic mobility exists in abundance. You can take action today, to protect your finances and create the future you want your children and grandchildren to experience, simply by diving into the endless resources that exist today. 


Written by Caleb Hogan from on November 26, 2023

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