You can now buy Chainlink(LINK) coins on Coinbase ... use your DAI coins.

By Offgrid | Offgrid | 28 Jun 2019

A few minutes ago LINK coins were added to Coinbase.... and immediately soared by 80%

I wanted to buy some but recently all the Credit/Debit cards will not process crypto sales so the only thing I could do was trade another coin to buy some LINK.

I didn’t want to do that with anything but a Stable Coin.... luckily I had some Free DAI coins I earned on Publish0x so I used those and bought 2 LINK coins for $2 .... so converted $4 to almost $7 in a few minutes.

Not bad eh !

I had to 1st convert the DAI to Ethereum then use the Ethereum to buy the LiNK.

Thanks to Publish0x I had some DAI coins.

Publish0x Signup :

Coinbase Signup:


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