Wow. BAT headed to the Moon today. Thanks Publish0x

Wow. BAT headed to the Moon today. Thanks Publish0x

By OG Crypto | OG Crypto | 8 May 2020

Wow... Look at $BAT go today. Got some of those Basic Attention Tokens ??

I hope you are still collecting your Free $Bat tokens everyday from blogging here on Publish0X.

Publish0X is a great place to blog about Blockchain and earn Tips on all your Blog Posts.

You can easily earn $10 a day on Publish0X if you like to write about Crypto Currency and Blockchain Projects.

It’s Free to Join:

You can send your BAT tokens to Coinbase and covert them to Bitcoin before Bitcoin moons to $100,000.

You get Free Crypto every day to Tip other bloggers. You choose how much goes to the Author and how much you keep for your Curation. 50/50 is a pretty good ratio.19f03674d38c138571106877580f0633d3997dd2364bfebca9ee5d94c6ea44bf.jpeg

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