Stay Home, Save the World and Get paid for playing Xbox ?

By Offgrid | Offgrid | 5 May 2020

Are you doing your part to save the World by staying Home ? 

I sure hope so.

Did you know that you could also get paid for sharing your Xbox gaming videos on TikTok and

This   is how You do it : 

Step 1: Play Xbox.

Step 2: Upload a short 1 minute video to TikTok 

Step 3: Add some cool music from the TikTok Music Library

Step 4: Create an Account

When you post on Appics you earn both APX and Steem:

Step 5 : upload your TikTok movie to Appics

Step 6: Use hashtags #stayhome #appicsgaming

Step 7: Get paid from Appics upvotes in APX you can convert to Bitcoin.

That’s it .... Have Fun playing Xbox and saving the World.....

Tik Tok Video :








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