Flameworked Glass Jewelry (Video)

By OG Crypto | OG Crypto | 22 Aug 2019


Some incredible Glass Art by http://www.NatalieBorghese.com

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This Jewlery is made by melting glass over a Torch. The flowers within the glass are all created by hand with very thin rods of glass. It is quite amazing. 


Natalie’s flameworked glass beads are small works of art, each one handcrafted in her studio in Ottawa, Ontario.

All of her beads are made one at a time by melting rods of coloured glass in the flame of a torch, and winding the molten glass onto a steel mandrel. Once complete, each bead is annealed in a kiln for strength and durability.

She approaches each piece like it’s a watercolour painting, layering washes of transparent and translucent colours, shimmering silver and dichroic glass, fragments of gold leaf, tiny opaque dots, fine lines, and intricate floral murrine to create depth, movement and lightness.

Natalie uses Effetre (Italy), Double Helix (U.S.), Reichenbach (German), and Creation is Messy glass to make her beads and all of their components, including the hand pulled floral murrine. 

Flame chemistry, heat, timing and her hands ensure that no two beads are ever exactly the same, no matter how hard she tries.

All Designs Copyright © Natalie Borghese 2019

Click the image above to watch a short film demonstrating the final steps of making a flameworked glass bead from this collection……..

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