Earn huge Crypto rewards sharing your Favourite Music on Blurt.World #blurtmusic

By OG Crypto | OG Crypto | 23 Aug 2020

The Social Blogging Communities are now taking shape over on Https://Blurt.World

The Blurt Token $blurt is currently trading around 1 penny on Ionomy.com

Ionomy : https://ionomy.com/en/aff/f7862c1aeae8e0399176a908fcecbcfe

If you write a post and use the correct hashtags you can easily earn $2 per post.

Some of the trending hashtags are the following : 

#blurtrides : Share a photo of your Dream car, tell us why...

#blurtlife : Share some photos and stories about your Life.

#blurtmusic : Tell us about your favourite music. 

#blurtography : Share your best photography and write a few paragraphs about each photo.

New Hashtag Communities are being created Daily ... Authors and Creators of Original Content are rewarded handsomely. 
Check them out: 


Blurtmusic Prompt : My First Almbum 









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