Earn Crypto watching and uploading movies to Hideout.TV

By OG Crypto | OG Crypto | 13 Sep 2019

Here is another Idea to earn some extra $$$$ 

Create a Hideout.TV account and post Videos there. It is much better than Youtube.

I created an account there last month and already earned $ 500 USD from my short 2 minute Travel and Lola videos.

People earn Bitcoin for watching the videos so you get a lot of views.

You earn .20 US$ per 1,000 views and it doesn't take much time to get over 1 Million views when people are getting paid in Bitcoin to watch the Ads that run between the Videos ( Just like Youtube )

It is the fastest way to earn Bitcoin for Free these days.


Lola helps me pull the Weeds.... (200,000 views)

Video: https://hideout.tv/watch.php?v=439562&p=5670

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