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Opinion: Why I Think BAT Will Fly - Brave Of Me

By XTRM™ | Offbeat | 29 Jul 2020

There are solid crypto coins firmly established in the crypto world, rarely do we see a new token just bounce right on into the top 50 cryptocurrencies within months of hitting exchanges. But one crypto did just that, and having a huge partner to backup the coin... It seems things are going to go from strength to strength with BAT, if you want the long version that would be Basic Attention Token. 

Brave the ultimate privacy Browser, that amazing browser that has been well adapted to use on multiple platforms from Windows OS to Android, adopted BAT as a way of rewarding the Brave community, which had originally been to earn as viewers to various content creators creations - and tip as per according as the said viewer... Phew... and breathe.

Things are moving forward with Brave and BAT, especially since those using Brave can now earn BAT for viewing non-intrusive advert notifications even if they do not create content. A whole new world of crypto goodness is being enabled via Brave and BAT - the bonus is it is easily accessible, and once understood and mastered becomes like second nature.

There had been a long wait for the adoption of a good Crypto Wallet which could sync well with Brave and BAT - but now with the arrival of Uphold Wallet which you sync up to your Brave Wallet it is now as easy as go update Brave Browser to the latest version - and download the latest version of Uphold Wallet - then sign up and sync Uphold to your Brave Account... Hit the Triangle BAT logo in the Brave Browser search/url bar and you should see the Wallets Synced in the top left corner... Stating 'Wallet Verfied'. 

The updates are important as now Brave is moving forward, adoption of BAT by websites and content creators is hitting new heights. Along with this new users to Brave. With this has seen a swift move to start Hodling or spending BAT. It has seen its fair use on crypto exchanges recently also. 

Since it hit our devices in March 2017, BAT has become an extremely adaptive and clever Cryptocurrency. Also being an Ethereum based Advertising Token, it is extremely popular found often top of the pile when advertisers chose a crypto token to work with. The Brave community have been largely supportive of how advertising is worked into the Brave Browser, which in turn see an unusual and surreal relationship between Brave Users and Advertisers. I use Brave myself, I always open my advertisement notifications... Not only do I get paid some healthy BAT every month, there have been some quite educational techy adverts that have been cool.

Now BAT is moving up a gear and is been used in some creative ways to allow for the earning and spending of BAT - Brave have now opened an online store where you can spend the BAT you earn. 

BAT is still a very young token, but is moving ahead with rumours of many exciting Dapps coming in the coming year. Given the pace the token has been moving alongside the adoption of Brave, BAT can only benefit during its use, business models and value. I for one have certainly gained a lot of interest in how BAT works from being that Smart Contract Advert Token, to that Token that is becoming my number one hodl.

To cut a long story into less slices of soup, BAT is yet to even show its full capacity - this coming year is going to see some genius advances with the Basic Attention Token team and Brave, along with more and more partners and website developers every day - this with a growing and already massive Brave Browser community... It is only a matter of time before the BAT takes flight up those charts.

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