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Hosts Warning of Airbnb Scam On First Time Home Buyers

By XTRM™ | Offbeat | 5 Mar 2023

Global Alert: Hosts warning of Airbnb scam on first time home buyers, in what has been described as elaborate and yet simple.

A similar property scam was discovered in which rental property had been targeted, the home then  shown to first time buyers by a scammers as if for sale - and deposits or even full payments made to the scammer by the victim.

It is a similar scam via Airbnb, to which potential property buyers both first time and experienced should be vigilant - as are Airbnb Hosts being asked to keep a close eye on things.

A case in Oregon state, U.S.A, has been highlighted recently, after a 'Ring' CCTV doorbell picked up the scam in action - recording the events to the horror of the Airbnb Hosts.

The scam begins by presenting a property to first time buyers, right in front of the doorbell camera - in which during the video, the scammer and compatriots are actually trying to sell a 'hosted on Airbnb' property, to unassuming first time buyers... 

A video of the elaborate yet simple and cheeky Airbnb Host scam can be seen below. 

Sources: KOIN 6 News, YouTube

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