Google Play - Will You Sort Out This Security Garbage Please? Play Protect!

By XTRM™ | Offbeat | 6 Oct 2020

I am going to make this as brief as possible - and could quite easily go off on a ranting tirade in text format - and guess who is responsible for my rantiness again?

Yes it is Google... namely Google Play - This issue is one that ties directly in with Google Plays' hatred of CPU Android Mining APK's, and the ban they have made on such.

My issue is this... Google Play uses Play Protect to protect Google Play APK Downloads and the relevant geeky downloaded like me from fake and hacky applications. But play protect can be a bit of a rogue, especially with mining applications downloaded from sources not directly related to Google Play - The Official Non-Official APK's and those/some of those APK's that many companies develop and do not wish to associate with that energy sapping giant Google.

Now what Play Protect tends to do is swipe those APK's right out of your Android Install List, downright steals the application icons off your screen and out of your view all together - basically deletes the application out of existence on your phone. 

In order to stop this you must switch off Play Protect within the Google Play Account that you own. 

Since I use several CPU Mining Applications such as NeoNeonMiner - I always have Play Protect switch off. As it is irritating to keep finding deleted applications just because Google wants to run the show.

Google you can shove Play Protect where your GPU's don't run!

Google Play as all other applications tend to do, will occasionally update - and irritatingly so does Play Protect which re-enables itself and starts deleting applications. 

Google... My message to you is this:

If I blinking well choose to switch off Play Protect, then I wish to switch it off until 'I'... yes 'me'... wants to switch it on again - and not when Google wishes to hack my systems via a fricken update... Got it? 

So guys and girls - if you are having this issue then you know what to do? Yes... Mess about switching off Play Protect at every update until Google Play sees fit to address their obnoxious behaviour towards CPU mining apps produced by independent developers.

Gone have the days when mobile technology could not handle CPU mining in my opinion - I have seen hardly any issues with battery life, if any at all... And any old devices are plugged in anyway. And in any case... If I want to ruin my old devices then I will ruin them... Sod off Google! 

Rant Off/


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