A Biden Democrat (Dem) POTUS? End of the Crypto Dollar?

By XTRM™ | Offbeat | 16 Nov 2020

I love to try out different ingredients for a headline to an article, blog... whatever you may wish to call this rush of blood to my head that induced writing mode - So... BS aside, a President of the United States... Biden? And what would that mean to the future of a Crypto-Dollar, which America has now already made a call out to crest potential little schemes and plots to help re-kindle that ever shining light in Wall Street, New York City? **Coff**

Would a Biden Presidency, increasingly more a globalist, Socialist, Stalinist **lol** lockdown crazy Democrat Party embrace such a dream? A Crypto Dollar to yeald the Sword of Standards in the financial world? 

Should I just cut to the chase an be brutally savage? 

Politics is... politicians are... politely put... boiling my pi$$ more so in 2020 than any other year - but this shower of crazy, and I do mean big time crazy that has been the whole Democrat circus - from four years of Russian collusion in the 2016 US election, to the attempt at impeachment on a genuinely not too shabby President Trump - because to be candid about this, Trump has actually done beautifully well... and has had some beautiful results with the US economy - and now those pesky Democrats have been at it again like an evil Robin Hood, trying to rig an election **coff** suspected rigging of the US election 2020.

The Democrat Party Houses some financial big hitters, that just love that Green Back in its paper form - and they like to hedge a bit of risk... No not war... Well yes war but that's not what I am are talking about, thus time... They also, as we have seen over the last few years, like to draw sh*t out, for as long as possible - oh and if money is involved... Bring it on. Crypto Dollar? Now here is where it might get a bit meaty... 

The Dems as I say are notorious for drawing things out, and wanting to make a few billions along the way... Absolutely for sure, no stone unturned, there ARE Democrats who would be in the pole party should old Joe pull the wool over the worlds eyes, that would benefit from developing a United States National Crypto Dollar... Would the Dems try and make as much for themselves and drag it out? Yes and possibly for years... Maybe just before a 2024 election we would see the process of introducing a Cryptocurrency Dollar - two things could happen at this point... 


1. Everything goes beautifully well and the US Crypto Dollar has a fantastic reception and is accepted with open arms around the world... And Mastercard! 

2. Bidens' lot absolutely screw up waiting too long and the world pops off into the Gold Standard while Bunker Joe... hunkers down to a mug of hot chocolate and a bed pan. Spelling the end of any greatness in a US Crypto Dollar. 

I choose option two... The absolute shambles that has transpired the last couple of weeks during the 2020 US Election? My bets are on option two... And old Joe would have popped off to meet his merry maker by then anyhow... Better keep those care homes safe and warm Joe!


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