The Evolution Of A Publish0x User

The Evolution Of A Publish0x User

As I was reflecting on my last month or so of daily Publish0x use I realized my perspective of tips on Publish0x and my view of it's role within the crypto community has changed greatly. Maybe you've experienced the same change or are farther along than I am in it. Anyway, here are my thoughts. Let me know what you think below. 

The Just Give Me Money Phase

If you're in this phase you're not reading this right now. This phase involves scrolling to the bottom of 6 random posts and tipping 20% author, 80% me over the course of an hour. This phase treats Publish0x like a faucet site. I don't think I need to go into how doing this devalues actually well written content here because I think that sounds a little whiny and complainy - Plus you already know the downside of doing this.

Maybe you never went through this but I certainly did. That was until I accidentally read an article and realized, wow, this is about more than me getting a little bit of BAT. People spend time on this and there's value to be had here. After that realization I found myself moving onto...

The Okay This Has Some Quality Content Phase

In this phase you're probably still not reading every post you tip if you've got tips leftover at the end of the day. You've maybe just discovered MuyAsk, the current King of Publish0x who could fart out an article with quality content and get tipped $5. You've started to realize "wow people don't just spam words onto a page and hope their post get's picked to be the chosen tipping cow". In this phase you may join another platform like Twitter or Telegram to show support for Publish0x. You may even read about what Publish0x believes in. 

However most people stay here. They like some of the content but they don't get TOO engaged. There's something called the Pareto Principle and I'm not using it exactly right here but it explains that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In this case 80% of users here are going to chill, read a couple articles here and there but not engage at a high level. Then 20% will be loyal patrons of Publish0x and produce most of the growth and content on the site.  This principle plays out best in business - At a company I used to work at 80% of sales came from 20% of clients. Then 80% of the total sales came from 20% of the salespeople. There's nothing wrong with either category as their both essential to Publish0x. If you engage beyond here you usually move to..

The Maybe I Can Write Too Phase


I believe anyone can learn to write. It just takes time like anything else. Nobody came out of the womb with pen and paper in hand jotting down short stories (except maybe that guy on Medium who wrote an article on why he's a Born Writer). In this phase you may write a post or apply to be a contributor here. Then if you're super cool you've already got a post bursting at the seams to come out or if you're like me it may take you a week just to formulate the first paragraph. Then you post said post, for some people it blows up instantly and I hate them. For others it may take a few to get it going. Either way you've now started the journey and more than likely move on to..

The Crap This Is Harder Than I Thought Phase

And yeah this is also called "The Grind" if you like Facebook inspirational pictures. I'd say 99% of posters on Publish0x are in this phase. Usually you're earnings range from $0.01 per post to $3.00 per post. You haven't quite hit Publish0x Super-Stardom like MuyAsk (I don't dislike MuyAsk I'm just reasonably jealous because he writes so much good stuff) but you're starting to gain a small following. Learning takes place here and it's the easiest place to mess stuff up but it's a great place to be.

One of my favorite things is when I start to learn something new and am right in the thick of it, testing out ideas and seeing what works. That's what this phase is, learning a ton and finding out how to make this thing work. However the goal is not to stay here but to get to the next phase which is..

The I'm Doing It Mom Phase

We all wanna be here. This is where your farts turn into gold my friends. Where everything you post is money (literally). I'm not going to go too much into this but I will link one of my previous posts here, that goes into depth of why you want to make it here. But I also am not in this phase so I can't write about it too much.

I hope you found this entertaining today. Thanks for Liking, tipping and following. :)

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