The 6 Types Of Authors You'll Encounter On Publish0x

The 6 Types Of Authors You'll Encounter On Publish0x

In the last several months I've been using Publish0x I've noticed a trend in the types of authors here and the articles they post. The names may change but the style remains the same. Below I've compiled the top six types of authors I've noticed on Publish0x, the point of this article is not to make fun of anyone who may fall into one of these categories. I just thought it would be fun to write and hopefully fun for you to read. Let me know your thoughts below!

Referral King

There's nothing wrong with referrals. Everyone from YouTubers, to Twitch Stars, to Instagram Thots use a form of referrals to help support their livelihood and in most cases must be done to help supplement the income gained from their chosen platform. That's not the type of referrals I'm talking about though; the majority of those types of referrals are at least done skillfully with a custom ad or something of the sort.


The Referral King is the author who writes 1-2 paragraphs, or worse yet copy/pastes 1-2 paragraphs, about their current favorite faucet or cloud mining site and slaps it into a blog post. Their goal is not to bring more value to the reader or Publish0x as a whole, their goal is to increase their earnings as lazily as possible which will 100% of the time make a less than desirable piece to read. 


Let me start this off by saying I love shitposts, it's truly an art form. An expertly crafted shitpost can change my entire attitude for that day in a positive way. Before we get too much further though you may be wondering, what is a shitposter? From Urban Dictionary

A person who regularly submits terrible or nonsensical posts to an internet forum.

Sounds pretty bad, right? Well the unintentional shitposter is VERY bad, but the intentional shitposter is a work of art. They craft completely nonsensical articles just for the sake of writing something strange and for whatever reason that just causes a nostalgia overflow for me.

Random Blogger

I couldn't think of a better name for this but on Publish0x this is the person posting daily cooking/music/dating/etc. blogs on the platform. First of all, I respect the grind. I've seen a couple of posts over my time make it to front page that aren't explicitly about Crypto. For the most part though these people are generally the most passionate on Publish0x. They will write about whatever the heck they want to and not care how many views it gets, they just wanna write about and share their recipe for their Italian carbonara..and I can respect that.

Information Man

I didn't want to post any specific names here, for this one I will. MuyAsk is the most well known 'information man' on this platform. These are the wonderful souls who will not just give you a cursory overview of the latest Crypto project but they will absolutely DIVE IN and give you every bit of information you could ever desire about it and more. These are the people I can imagine winning every jeopardy round for months.


For the information man the question is never "Was that too much info?" the question is always "Did I provide enough?"

Opinion Lad

This is the category I believe I most closely relate to. Opinion Lads tend to have some level of information but tend to stick to lists like "Top 10 Best Cryptos Right Now" with emphasis on the right now so it's not purely information but information with some style. As an opinion lad you don't need all the data as the information man does, just some data that backs up a hunch and makes for a good read.


Now obviously if it sounds like I'm roasting opinion bloggers here, it's because I am. I believe I fall into this category so it's the only one I can seriously make fun of and not think I'm offending too many people. But for real, opinion lads I believe have a tough job of making something interesting to read while simultaneously providing value for the reader to hopefully leave with a new thought or something to do some further research on. 

Professional Blogger

The Professional Blogger is the epitome of the old school, "Me vs. the guy she tells me not to worry about" meme. Professional Bloggers on this site tend to dominate the front page but rarely interact with their readers. These people have mastered the art of creating engaging content and will post their articles far and wide, so they rarely have time to focus in on any one individual site. I appreciate the professional bloggers here as they up not just the quality of content on the site but indirectly place pressure on all of us amateur bloggers to step up our game. 

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this, I wanted to write this not just as a fun piece but it was also a great way for me to identify the style of writing I wanted to have in the future - I hope it did something similar for you! 

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