Earnings from 1 week of Bitcoin Aliens Apps
BTC Aliens

Earnings from 1 week of Bitcoin Aliens Apps

One thing I've always wanted to know is what the actual earnings are from using some of the Crypto Earning Faucets, Apps and Websites I see advertised so frequently.  So I put my sanity on the line and tested it myself with the Bitcoin Aliens suite of apps for one week. Hope you enjoy the findings here. 

The Apps

Three of the apps (Free Bitcoin, Free Bitcoin Cash and Free Litecoin) follow a pretty similar setup. You got two spins and can watch ads to get more chances to claim a higher prize. There's hourly claims and bonus claims. The hourly claims pay out higher and I can say I did not miss more than 1-2 hourly claims a day while I was awake. I also did quite a few bonus claims so I would hopefully get a payout when the time came. 

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Then there's the two standalone games. The Blockchain Game and Alien Run. The Blockchain game is all about timing as you stack one box on top of another. Then there's Alien Run. Definitely the cream of the crop of the Bitcoin Aliens games. Well designed levels and interesting concepts for a 2D runner. I would probably play Alien Run even without the Crypto incentive - it is that good. 

The Earnings

Bitcoin - 1,004 Satoshi ($0.07)

Bitcoin Cash - 25,602 Bitcoin Cash Satoshi ($0.06)

Litecoin - 101,455 Litoshi ($0.04)

The Conclusion

Obviously you're not going to get rich playing games on your phone unless you're an E-Sports Champion. The bulk of money to be made in faucet and game apps is from the referrals. I enjoyed playing a couple of these games though and do appreciate what Bitcoin Aliens has done in bringing some more widespread awareness to Crypto (Both Bitcoin and a couple Alt-coins).

However for myself, I will probably not play these again because I hate doing the same thing over and over. But if you don't mind watching a couple of ads, enjoy 2D Runner games or are a referral king these apps may be for you. Bitcoin Aliens has been around for a long time and are definitely a company to hang your hat on.

Thanks for following, tipping and liking the post. I hope something here has helped!

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