Animation for OPMONis software, my last animation job.

One of my last works was an animated video to simply explain the OPMONis software and at the same time, give a little publicity to the work of a good friend. 

And what does this OPMONis software do? Many will ask.

OPMONis is automating the shutdown of your systems (Windows, Linux, even virtualized systems with VMwares´s ESXi, Hyper-V and XenServer) after a power outage and the UPS is not enough.

As they well say on their website ...

In the internet it is possible to find alternative solutions (called “workarounds”), most of them trigger a shutdown of multiple systems by script. For using this kind of solution a lot of knowledge is needed. Creating these scripts further takes a lot of time and includes the risk of storing the login data in an unencrypted way.


OPMONis will relieve you from many of these worries. Supported by a clear GUI all common UPSs can be administered (independency from manufacturers). Also all common systems like Windows. Linux, XenServer, ESXi, Hyper-V and others can be controlled, while sensible information as login data is safely encrypted.

Since I know that in this social network there are many network administrators or people working with networks, I imagined that it would be useful to know that a tool like this exists. 

And in the process of giving more visibility to the software, I am doing some publicity to my video work too.

Did you like the video? I hope to read your comments. And if you wish to have more information about OPMONis software do not hesitate to visit their website.


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