PointPay Ecosystem: crypto bank, crypto exchange and multi-currency wallet!

By nejibens | Observe ICO | 12 Aug 2019

PointPay project is currently considered one of the most promising ICO projects, since its concept is really attractive and powerful. Basically, PointPay combines three needed services in its ecosystem: a crypto bank, a crypto exchange platform and a multi-currency wallet. These services are needed by the crypto community, and people are using many sites to get these services, PointPay offers you the opportunity to get all of them in one place. 

Let's present PointPay's platforms with some details:


1.PointPay Crypto Bank:


It is the most interesting product of PointPay. It will allow you to trade cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies at low prices, and also you can hold them safely there. It will allow and offer crypto cards in addition to cryptocurrency lending and acquiring. Crypto deposits and credits, and crypto Forex trading are also some of the features of PointPay crypto bank.


2.PointPay Crypto exchange platform:


It is the platform which will offer you the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies safely, and with confidence. It is also allowing fiat pay-ins and pay-outs. The holders of PXP (the token of PointPay) will gain crypto back daily. it have also leveraged trading and helpful support (24/7).


3.PointPay multi-currency wallet:


It is not only a wallet for cryptocurrencies, but also for fiat currencies. You are going to store your money in an anonymous and secure wallet. You can also deposit/withdraw instantly your money (even in fiat currencies). In addition to many more features.


The whitepaper of this project is very detailed and clear, it is a good sign showing us the credibility of PointPay. That's why it is already rated positively from so many ICO rating websites:




In addition to that, PointPay have a large experienced team of devs and advisors, you can easily check and visit their profiles on LinkedIn, so the project is expected to be continued and improved with time.




It is actually the first round of PointPay's ICO sale, the price of their token PXP is actually low and affordable, so buying now while the price is low would be a profitable idea.




Useful links:


PointPay Website: https://pointpay.io/

PointPay Twitter: https://twitter.com/PointPay1

PointPay Telegram: https://t.me/pointpay_talks 

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