How Tokoin would change the Global Economy?

By nejibens | Observe ICO | 1 Sep 2019

Tokoin is a promising project with a very attractive concept, and its concept looks genius and useful for so many crypto investors, business owners, since its platform is expected to help the users to build reputable profiles of MSMEs.  

1. The features of Tokoin:  


Basically, Tokoin is a platform implementing the blockchain technology to establish a valid identity and reputation of MSMEs. The goal of the platform is to introduce MSME as an acceptable credibility scoring, in order to build a trustable digital business. Such a platform is highly valuable, because it is offering the users the opportunity to build a good partnership, since the platform is based on the engagement between business profiles, and that's will lead finally to expand the business.  Tokoin's platform is different because it has so many useful features. It is built to facilitate the building of a digital identity for MSME, which will have the possibility to create more funding opportunities, by utilizing their data. In addition, it will bring a business partnership for MSME which will lead to providing growth opportunities. 351665157-5df3d15ab500a164a640a5101318f7f1a33a5f94892f9ac998f7994aa61e0c48.png  


2. How it works:  


So as we can see above, the essential goal of Tokoin is building a digital business identity, by the process of implementing a business credit scoring. The transactions will be made easily between buyers and sellers with the help of Tokoin mobile Apps, and Tokoin web Apps. The buyer will use the TOKO tokens to buy products after checking the valuability of data and the value demand. in the other hand, the seller can earn benefits by selling the data, and by the action of staking tokens. In the Tokoin ecosystem, MSME is the data provider, and users have to submit their transaction data activity by Tokin dApp which will validate the data into a valuable asset. The final step is acquiring the data by partners with the help of staking TOKO tokens. 351665157-828303eac2c622f14ce41d83243a2cc4fdd203e03ebeb66b9a6b9d263ce7a610.png  


3. The token (TOKO):  


It is now easy to notice that TOKO tokens are the core payment processor of the Tokoin ecosystem. That's why it is already predicted that the usability of these tokens is going to be really high in the future, and the price will increase with time, as a result. The token sale is already done, and TOKO is listed in some exchanges ( Kucoin..) and in CoinMarketCap, and that's already a great milestone already reached.  351665157-94ab043584082c9aaf69eab2631fc6b770f490e5c662b7ff141dfcd894e2667b.png  

4. Roadmap, Team, and Whitepaper:  


The roadmap is also published on the website and according to its details, the platform will be available and fully-functional by the end of the next year 2020. Tokoin has a great and active team of developers and advisors, almost all of them are experienced enough and talented. The authenticity of the team can be easily verified, since almost every member has its LinkedIn profile link published on the website too. The whitepaper is also available, and very detailed technically, consisted of 45 pages explaining almost everything about the project, the platform, the TOKO token, and the ecosystem. 351665157-c1f5394db81581abdb219eaedf967162140381fc2149783c50ee0a1981374379.png  



As a conclusion, we can conduct that Tokoin is one of the most promising projects which deserve the investment, especially with the fact that TOKO tokens are already listed in the exchanges, and on CMC.  


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