AIGO Ecosystem and Platform: Integrating Blockchain into e-Commerce!

By nejibens | Observe ICO | 24 Aug 2019

AIGO is one of the most useful startup projects nowadays, because its concept is attractive, and its coming platform is expected to be largely needed by the crypto community in the near future. Let's explain this project a little bit more in this article.

1. The features of AIGO:
Basically, AIGO is building and developing a complete payment system by adopting blockchain e-Commerce to the world. The AI-Payment is built to facilitate the direct transfer of value between the two parties, without passing by the third parties or middlemen. The AIGO ecosystem is going to help the cryptocurrency holders to trade (buy and sell) goods without having to convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. The AIGOPay token is the core aspect of the AIGO ecosystem, since AI-Payment will depend mainly on the functionality of AIGOPay tokens.


2. The platform:

The coming platform of AIGO is expected to be composed of diversified useful and needed products. It mainly consists of:
*A-Wallet: it is a dashboard of accounts helping the user to connect wallet-to-wallet, and facilitating the interaction of bill payments, and between accounts.
*A-Store: It is a decentralized marketplace supporting AI-System, and allowing users to buy goods easily and instantly. This marketplace is almost a unique product of AIGO, and different than other e-Commerce.
*A-Card: this product have the goal of resolving the problem of withdrawing fiat currencies. It is expected to be a crypto card bank, can be easily used to withdraw fiat money from ATMs, and to pay bills with the lowest fees.
*A-Chain: AIGO is basically using the Ethereum network, but it will use other networks in the future. The AI-Payment chain will is going to consist of several smart and unique contract components.


3. The token:

As we noticed above, the AIGOPay token is the core aspect of the AIGO ecosystem. So it is expected to be highly needed by the platform's users in the future, and its price is also predicted to increase with time. The Pre-Sale IEO already took place during the previous month ( July 5- July 20, 2019) at Vindax exchange. The main sale is going on actually, until Aug 31, 2019. The actual price of the token during this sale is $0.004. You can purchase using many cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT). All unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed, and there is no way to release additional tokens, so the circulating supply of tokens will be limited which is going to increase their value. The roadmap is also published on the website, and according to it the launch of the platform will take place at the end of this year ( December 2019).


4. Team and Whitepaper:

The team of AIGO is composed of a large group of experienced and talented devs and advisors. The authenticity of the team can be easily verified, since they are publishing the links to their LinkedIn profiles on the website. The whitepaper is also available and composed of 31 pages explaining all the details about AIGO ecosystem, the platform, the token and the roadmap. These positive signs show us that this project have good potential.


Useful Links:

The website:

The whitepaper:


Bitcointalk profile:;u=340012

ETH address: 0x682f11E8d2B01653F468914859fd33B5Fa624522

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