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Thousand skills

Movement is key to life.

A single step will put everything into perspective. Yet we have to take many before we realise were still in the same place. 

Is it fear or cowardice that bring us to our knees. Pretending were walking instead of running. Seemingly our space doesnt have any measure of distance but our eyes could discern what our mind couldnt process.

Im glad i get to write these days. Friends of past and relationships of future matter not infront of our now! Yet our now is fleeting even when our focus is on it. 

We characterise ourselves with experiences we pick and choose leaving others that would have as much of an impact on us, if given the chance. The word "leave" changes in meaning, everytime you revisit its point of origin. Bringing with it a sense of attachment completely detached from reality. 

Steps and strides would be dictating more than just locations. The emotions we leave lingering still rest on or feet. No matter how strong they could be they hold on bringing with them a weakness we thought had been left behind. 

To train is temporarily. The consistency needed to lift yourself up is a weight we forget quickly. For when does something become natural to us, Or second nature to our being. Slowly our present eats away at us just because we ourselves arent present at all. 

I left a country ravaged by many things yet the people who walk every day are denying that they are still in their place. Their frustration was very much mine since i was able to see through them. how i have been lagging. Yet the vastness of the internet isnt allowing me to see the solutions or at least read them out loud so others could hear.

"If uou cant explain anything simply then you dont know it well enough"

I dont want to teach or preach. Finding people who would want to work towards their best interest is more of a sadness than it is an adventure. For they are sad and frustrated and the only one who can see it is the one who sees the change that can happen. 

Movement is key to life. Hearing about it isnt enough and the concept of leaving will always change and vary from the locations of choice to the locations of desire.

We desire change but we choose our stability even when the ground below us is turbulent. We will always enjoy the comfort of looking at the same things. Seeking something to hold on to. 

Movement is key to life, but how is it that we move seems to put everything into perspective.

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Entrepreneur . Trying to build anything within my ability. Crypto/writing/blogging/economics/defi/fintech. Everything is now connected.

Observation of a reality
Observation of a reality

The expression of a quest leading no where yet growing in direction. A look through dead eyes on a world filled with life.

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