Misty mornings on a road into the bush

The essence of life is thought to be water. Is it earth? Wind or fire... all seem to have purpose. But on a morning where the sun took its time shining the morning mist would run free and surround the hills. As if they were to be forsaken the remainder of the day.

The nature of our world has become compalcent and packed with mundane details of what could bring happiness to us. While nature in our world hasnt changed one bit. I see the internet i love drifting from my head leaving as the mist rises to the clouds with the morning sun. 

How close am i to my feelings to be able to allow daily yhings to sway me. Was it just a hype i was on and when the work that needs to be put in comes to us and ahows us how we need to proceed opens our eyes to the laziness that built our imagination from scratch and the body who isnt in the mood to comply. 

I find the sight mesmerising and fulfilling. As if a detachment from societies normal roads came left it behind. As if the more trees and less buildings i see the more barefoot i want to be. Instead of a burger i suddenly feel like beans with rice on egg. Instead of the internet i see myself growing a farm. 

How unfair is my selfishness that i want the best of these worlds and looking st the hills and the roads that curve up and down them i remember the community that takes me away from society while i sit in its own realm. 

I have lots to consider.but where to start and how to go for it. A dream of mine where i could exist in a forest and live online seems sweet. But to exist online isnt an option any more. And living in the forest stopped feeling like life. 



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Observation of a reality
Observation of a reality

The expression of a quest leading no where yet growing in direction. A look through dead eyes on a world filled with life.

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