how basic do we have to be to survive?

how basic do we have to be to survive?

hanging out. friends and business owners. 

transfer of thoughts and issues happens in a concentrated way no? slowly the conversations completed each other. it was bout it all life, love, work and survival... where we are looks harsh but as a part of life we realize a predicament and we evolve into it or into a solution. or so i think

every time humans seemed to progress it was on our own expense. sometimes we reflected it as a community and sometimes as a society( yes i see a big difference in the 2). but we dont seem to be interested in how we do it. mainly we all want to reach our destination and most of us would rather discard days on end as nothing but a failed approach towards our goals. weather collective or individualistic.

the battle ensues, a word brings out a statement and another brings a questioning cycle. why who what where. slowly and slowly we start coming to a center point in the conversation. where nothing goes anywhere and every one is repeating the same ideas they acquired through out the days, leading to the hang out and fully believing in their opinion as the end. strictly abiding to their reasoning in order to save face in front of peers they respect or peers they are trying to impress. 

sadly i sat and watched since it was easier to focus on my posture than attending to words displaced by delusions of a world that will only change because of some divine intervention. a few topics caught my interest but they were never  discussed. to them they were into it yet smelling the food isn't the same as tasting it. for that how do you trust some ones opinion on a dish served when you yourself are trying to perfect the recipe.

crypto is ours. we look at it weirdly from an eye of an artist painting his canvas but majority of people will just see different colors. the colors green and red? the colors blue and silver? the color gold? i feel society isolates us individually on purpose. it becomes a super power to exist within your own mind around people who cant even understand the language you think of. even the language you express in. 

the struggle is consistent but ours will always differ from society, this we chose to have as our belief.there we find a community to support it and hopefully support us.


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Observation of a reality
Observation of a reality

The expression of a quest leading no where yet growing in direction. A look through dead eyes on a world filled with life.

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