A barbie girl in this crypto world.

Life in plastic...its fantastic.

Life in digits...we are a combination of concepts added by time. The time we shared with others/experienced with the world and existing. Every day onlome is a day where more of us is created but seems to not merge with the suns light or the darkness' embrace. 

You are who you make yourself to be n'est pas?

But are we realising how we are crearing ourselves on a daily and what we are chosing to pile up as an experience that eventually transfers into charecters? 

In this world we feel very plastic yet i see the digitsl creation of our own existence to look more and more real. I would feel at times detached but that feeling exists only because i am not yet complete. Will i ever be though?

This crypto world comes with input from nobody other than yourself. The change that hapoens with it is easily seen and the communities yiu exist in are easily found. The real world makes me feel plastic every time i see a part of me pushed to the side to fulfill others needs. Or just disregsrded because others only see themselves in it. 

While the world is vast we seem to have added an extention to it as an escape?or as a transfer? We find seek our own oeace and we got creative. Ild imagine a hundred years ago what pepple were going through to push the firdt computers to existence and how since then we have accumulated more and more of our lives into the internet to fulfill our reality or even to escape it. 

Humanity doesnt see as clear as individuals would. But collectives are formed every step and chance they get. We seem to run away from the plastic selves that are formed by our society. A mechanical version of our soul would be hindered by the lack of understanding of others around us. Or their lack of understanding.

The comfort of a digital barbie gives you more room to apply what you are to the identity you get on this world. But finds within it a freedom that reveals itself to physical surroundings. A satisfaction long lost with the creation of society thousands of years ago. 

I refuse to be a ken doll. But in this crypto world i wish to see how deep my character will be formed and how the life which comes with the sun every day will shine in the different colors possible.  

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Entrepreneur . Trying to build anything within my ability. Crypto/writing/blogging/economics/defi/fintech. Everything is now connected.

Observation of a reality
Observation of a reality

The expression of a quest leading no where yet growing in direction. A look through dead eyes on a world filled with life.

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