By nvd5 | Nvd | 24 Aug 2020

The truth
Now my mind goes to hang.
I have not more words to say that what i am feeling, what i should i do, why i did.
My life goes to wood which flow with river water.
Sometimes it stable sometime fast sometime flow like swim, sometime it goes into the bottom that feel very heartless to me.

I Never blam to others. I cant say anyone anything.
"The truth is that here is no success and no failure but"
But why people which like me think that they not satisfied with his life.. you also think that than you come on to the right place.

Yes my dear friends here two type of life success and failure.
Ig you success in your life as you think than no problem live your life congrats.
Now second turn ig you failure than their is no affect anyone in this world i think their is no success and no failure this is the condition of mind what it is think.
"Always you should rememberd that satisfied life is batter than success life"
Reason behind this is ig you even success and not satisfied than whats the benifits of your success.
So i tell you that satisfaction is the key of any success life.
🙏Thanks for reading

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