Five things to make your relationship perfect

By nvd5 | Nvd | 15 Aug 2020

How to make your relation perfect

Friends i think it's a think which can make your relationship worst or best.
These steps can make your relationship got new hight🚀.

Communication::: it's a key of any situation you should communicate with your partner in any situation because I think "talking only makes sense"
But its should be balanced not more talking and not too less.

Quit::: you should accept of your habit of you want something which your partner not want than you should quit.
Believe me if you quit and your partner have good huminity than after this your partner say you pleas dont quit you want than take it little.
It also a human psychology.😉

Show-off:::Is a time to make a splash i not say you thag you do this each time but some time you should do this your partner not want your 💰 money, but if you give her/him few new things than its can come happiness in his/her face🌝.
Oh come on you have not any need think about Diamonds, gold, Car blah blah..😏
It can be plants, 👗 dress,pats🐤 etc.

Distance::: Nah Nah... it's for few time, I think after 5week we make distance for two or three days each other not any contact and you have got not any idea that this will like a medicine ⛑️ for your relationship.

Dreams::: See both and work,
Because you live for your dreams than it will a largest weapon that can destroy any bad think of your life.
When couple see dreams of his career, child, or anything than they make a perfect combination because in this world their is noone perfect partner in your dreams accept yours soulmate noone in this.
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Thankyou for reading 🙏

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