How much water should we drink per day?

By STAB1995 | Nutrition | 3 Feb 2021

How much water do you drink per day? Just water. No tea, coffee, cola or anything else. Only water? Preferably filtered water, but I understand that not everyone does this, so tap water. Do you drink 1 liter of water or no water at all? On average, we have to drink 2 liters of water per day. We have to do this to be able to remove the waste products in our body. Again I am talking about water not coke.

Can you only drink water?
No, of course not, herbal tea or green tea are also very good for you. Green tea is good for burning fat or stimulating other processes in your body. But water is the only moisture that really purifies. So mainly drink tea, but not at the expense of the number of liters of water you take.

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What happens if you have too little water in your body?
Your moisture balance can become disrupted. Your body has to get moisture from other places (such as your organs) so that your blood can flow through. The organs will therefore work less well. You can get complaints such as headaches, migraines, abdominal pain, gallbladder pain and you will get inflammation in your body. Because your body is lacking in moisture, your body will retain moisture. This makes you sweat less easily, for example. An example of moisture retention is, for example, that your feet and legs become thicker and swollen. When you take off your socks at the end of the day you will see an imprint of your sock in your leg

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What can I do?
What can I do about a lack of moisture or water? Drink water, of course. I'm not talking about gallons of glasses you have to drink in an hour. That is very bad for you. What may be an option is to drink a lukewarm glass of water when you wake up and then drink a glass of water every hour for an hour and a half until you reach the two liters.

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What are the benefits of drinking water?
You will swell less and you will feel more vital. Your organs will start to function more normally. Enough reasons.

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What if I drink too much water?
Drinking too much water is also not good for you. First of all, this is bad for your kidneys, but you will also absorb the minerals you need less well.

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