5 new amazing facts about the human body

By STAB1995 | Organs and how they work | 28 Feb 2021

I always love to read about facts about the human body. They are always so interesting to me. I hope you will like them. Here are 5 new amazing facts about the human body.

Male hormons change during pregnancy 
Everybody knows that hormons change in woman when they are pregnant, but did you know that men also change. Men make more prolactin. This will prepare them to fatherhood.

                                                                                    person touching person's belly

Male brains are 8-13% bigger than females 
Yeah, on average male brains are bigger than female brains. This however does not say anything about how smart a person is.

                                                                                    human brain toy

By the time you finish this sentence around 50.000 cells have died and are replaced
In the human body we have around cells. Per second a lot of them will die and be build

                                                                                     Cellen, Menselijke, Medische, Biologie

We consist of around 60% of water
Water serves as a building material, as a means of transport, as a solvent and it regulates our body temperature.


                                                                                                           pouring water on person's hands

Wisdom teeth serve no purpose
Hundreds of years ago wisdom teeth used to serve a purpose. Back then our skull were different. Our brains were smaller and our jaw was bigger. So there was more space for more teeth. After years our jaws have changed and have become smaller. So now there almost isn't any space anymore for these teeth.

                                                                                                   person holding brown and white round ornament

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Organs and how they work
Organs and how they work

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