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Don't Get Bogged Down by Noise of Life

By Debesh Choudhury | Number One Tip | 21 Oct 2021

Life is like a river that always flows in the forward direction

Life can't flow in the backward direction. And, life is not problem-free.

Do you often get bogged down by the disturbances in your life?

It is pretty natural for all of us. Everybody wants more joy and less bitterness in life.

If you are accustomed to camera and photography, you are aware that no photographer can avoid the effect of defocusing in photography.

The same is true for our life. We can't avoid bitterness and adversaries of life. Joys and woes are integral to living.

We must realize that 'noise' can't be completely avoided in our life

On the contrary, life is a mixture of happiness, sorrows, difficulties, success, failures, etc., contrasting features.

Why don't we try to enjoy everything that comes in life?

Take the focused portion first.

Consider looking into the blurred parts of life more positively.

Think about the silver lines inside a pool of darkness.



We can view light only in darkness

If you want to see the effects of light, you must have some places of darkness.

Can you see the light of a candle in broad daylight?

Do we like to have a candlelight lunch under the Sun?

But, we always cherish having a candlelight dinner after the Syn sets un the west.

Life requires the inherent ability to augment the correct signal besides noise

How far can you get rid of the noises of life and receive the correct signal?

I wish you to spread the spirit of joy, happiness, and peace.




"Do you know what is noise?"


Thumbnail Photo by Elyas Pasban on Unsplash

Cheers! Debesh Choudhury

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