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Katalyo No-Code Blockchain Building Tools and NULS

By NULS | Nuls | 8 Feb 2021

NULS/Nerve is excited to announce its support and collaboration with the Katalyo project. Katalyo will use NULS for its level-one infrastructure technology to provide its no-code tools to aspiring Dapp builders. Katalyo tools will make it easier for participants to build end-to-end blockchain applications, including NFT and DeFi.

NULS/Nerve Network will provide the underlying blockchain technology for the Katalyo platform. This collaboration will provide an easy-to-use blockchain building platform increasing the level of innovation in the industry without programming complexities.

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No coding

Katalyo, out of Croatia, is a no-code cross-chain platform protocol that aims to provide its users with many different options to build cost-effective blockchain applications.

The company believes its no-code approach will increase the level of innovation that’s not possible today with traditional tools. Clean programming will result while also being faster, cheaper, and of higher quality.

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NFTs and DeFi

Katalyo offers its users the chance to build NFT and DeFi projects and more, in days instead of months, so they can iterate and innovate at a super-fast pace.

Blockchain’s complexities and a shortage of developers can make project builds slow and expensive. For everyday businesses wanting to access this emerging technology, barriers to entry are high.

Projects like Katalyo help organizations without access to the coding skills required to build with blockchain. Even for those with blockchain expertise, building projects without the need to code can accelerate project launches.

Plug and Play

Katalyo will achieve its goal to make everyone a potential builder of Dapps with its plug and play infrastructure by using NULS/Nerve Network as its L1 blockchain infrastructure.

This partnership could accelerate blockchain adoption, empowering new projects in the space to become users of both Katalyo and NULS.

The end product for Katalyo is a browser-based platform for plug and play blockchain application building accessible by all.


When asked, Why NULS? Katalyo replied: Katalyo and NULS share a common strategy of empowering people to build blockchain-powered applications. Both have a cross-chain plan. We firmly believe that Katalyo and NULS can enable people to innovate, push adoption and create a tremendous amount of value as we advance.



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NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community


NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, driven by our global open-source community

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